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Battic Door offers high performance attic access solutions for architects, builders, developers that meet the New Building/Energy Codes for use with residential / multifamily / apartment / condominium projects. New Codes now require the attic access be insulated to min R-30. Battic Door offers two attic access solutions that meet these new Codes and provide solutions: 1. E-Z Hatch R-42 Attic Access Door. This is an energy-efficient attic access unit (scuttle door). It is R-42, triple-gasketed, pre-finished, and provides a 22x30” access opening. Deluxe version provided with a 4-point locking latch and handles. 2. Battic Door R-50 Attic Stair Cover in 22x54, 25x54 and 30x54 sizes.
Product Categories:
06200 Wood Finish Carpentry: Millwork + Trim
06430 Stairs, Spiral, Guardrails/Banisters
07200 Thermal Insulation + Protection
07260 Vapor, Moisture + Air Barriers
08200 Wood Doors, Frames + Jambs
08300 Specialty Doors + Entry Doors
08310 Access Doors, Access Panels
08335 Utility Doors + Access Panels
Commercial + Residential

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Brands / Products:
We manufacture Green Weatherization Home Energy Conservation Draft Stopper Products in the U.S.A. Our products help stop drafts, reduce your energy bills, save you money, and improve the comfort of your home. R-50 Attic Stair Covers, R-42 E-Z Hatch Attic Access Scuttle Doors, Fireplace Plugs, Whole House Fan Shutter Covers, Dog Pet Doors, Dryer Vent Seals, Radon Test Kits, Air Conditioner Covers, Recessed Light Covers, Insulated Switch Plate Covers, Insulated Crawl Space Vents, Premium and Economy In-Line Duct Back Draft Dampers, Home Energy Monitors, and more!
E-Z Hatch Attic Access Door
Battic Door Attic Stair Cover
Fireplace Plug

New Products:
E-Z Hatch Attic Access Door E-Z Hatch Attic Access Door Fireplace Plug Battic Door Attic Stair Cover
E-Z Hatch Attic Access Door
E-Z Hatch Attic Access Door Fireplace Plug
Battic Door Attic Stair Cover:

Green Statement/Products:
“By constantly improving the performance and value of our products, and by consistently developing and adding new products to our store, we have rapidly become the leader in providing innovative, low-cost, "green" solutions for air leakage control and related energy conservation problems in the home.”

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