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6 Blackjack Crossing
Walpole, NH 03608

Tel : 404.401.0634
Contact: Paul van Winkle
Tedd Benson - Author & Founder
Kevin Bittenbender - Company Steward, Head of Production
Doug Reitmeyer - Senior Designer, Project Development Lead

BENSONWOOD is a premier designer-engineer-builder of energy-efficient timber frame, hybrid, LEED and high-performance buildings, schools, homes and wood structures across North America.
LASTING ELEGANCE. Our distinct approach to building unites craft, beauty, advanced technologies, healthier materials, and a systems approach to create fine buildings and spaces that remain durable, livable and loved long into the future.
PREDICTIABLE OUTCOMES. We work to construct the very finest buildings, inspire building industry best practices, and apply smarter design-build methods to implement solutions to environmental and energy challenges. So naturally, Place, Environment, Resources, Energy, Health and Beauty are protected.
Bensonwood grew from a group of dedicated wood and timber experts, craftsmen known for making the finest timber frame shells and buildings available. Wood and timber construction remain at the heart of our business. All of our distinct homes, schools and buildings are designed and crafted to last over generations. They reduce energy use. They require fewer resources and less maintenance. And they provide a quality of high-performance and lasting well-being beyond what many people have experienced. Our mission is to help you achieve elevated standards on your custom projects.
Product Categories:
06050 Wood + Plastic Materials
06100 Carpentry: Framing, Panels, + Timber
13147 Pre-engineered Wood Component Systems
Commercial + Residential
Showrooms / Distributors:
Several of our commercial and public projects are spaces open for viewing year round. Generally, you won’t need an appointment or prior arrangement to visit these.
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Brands / Products:
Award-winning custom homes, commercial buildings and specialties structures, custom woodworking, high-performance, energy-efficient, sustainable prefab homes, super-insulated OBPlus Wall.
Timber Frame Homes and Structures
Panelized Walls
Floor Systems
Custom Millwork
Turnkey Buildings

Green Statement/Products:
SMARTER PATHS. We bring 42+ years of expertise to the challenge of creating smarter outcomes through: engineering and building the finest water-tight/air-tight building shells, wall systems, and roof systems for high-performance; recommending and applying LEED, LBC, Net Zero, and energy efficiency practices for achieving the most stringent standards and criteria; offsite-fabrication and on-site assembly for reducing timelines and improving durability and efficiencies; fine and heavy timber and engineered wood design, engineering and construction for achieving better building resilience and strength.

Sustainable Design
Energy Analysis & Modeling

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