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Minneapolis, MN 55344

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Ruben Perez
Creative Director & Principal Architect

Architectural wall panels, decorative metal screens, textured 3D wall tiles and modular wall panel systems manufactured exclusively for commercial and institutional applications including Hotels, Restaurants, Corporate, Retail, Schools and more. Spanning 7 collections, featuring over 160 designs, 6 core materials, and over 500 finishes; CSI Wall Panels is the industry leader in decorative architectural panels for indoor and outdoor applications.
Starting with your vision, our staff Architects design and present panel solutions that respect the integrity of the architectural design all while offering an impactful and rich outcome to the space. We don't just sell you stock panels, rather we collaborate with you to design a space that tells your story. Contact one of our Architects today to start your story!
Product Categories:
05520 Metal Handrails, Railings + Guardrails
05581 Metal Wall Panels + Metal Wall Cladding
06250 Wood Paneling + Veneers
08510 Metal Windows + Screens
09500 Ceilings
09700 Wall Finishes, Wall Fabrics + Coverings
09770 Special Wall Surfaces + Panels
10600 Partitions, Screens + Panels
Showrooms / Distributors:
Our world headquarters is located in Minneapolis, MN and we have over 50,000 square feet of space including an extensive showroom featuring our entire product line. In addition, we give factory tours where you can see first hand the fine craftsmanship and quality of our products.

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Brands / Products:
Wall Panel, Wall Panels, Wall Paneling, Shower Wall Panels, Modern Wall Panels, Architectural Wall Panels, Textured Wall Panels, 3D Textured Wall Panels, Wood Plank Walls, Wainscoting Panels, Plastic Wall Panels, LED Wall Panel, Veneer Panels, Cultured Stone Panels, Coconut Shell Panels, Bamboo Wall Panels, Architectural Resin Panels, Wood Wall Panels, 3D Wall Panels, Outdoor Wall Panels, Living Room Wall Panels, Kitchen Wall Panels, Bathroom Wall Panels, Leather Wall Panels, Gypsum Wall Panels, Wood Wall Paneling, Stone Wall Panels, Steel Wall Panels, Plastic Wall Panels, Metal Wall Panels, Acrylic Wall Panels, Brick Wall Panels, Stainless Steel Wall Panels, MDF Wall Panels, Custom 3D Wall Panels, Shell Mosaic Wall Tiles, Flat 3D Pvc Panels, Ancient Wood Panels, 3D Plant Fiber Wall Panels, Decorative 3D Wall Panels, 3D Leather Wall Panels, 3D Wood Wall Panels, Wooden Wall Panels, Acrylic Shower Wall Panels, Decorative Veneer Panels, Translucent Wood Veneer Panels, Canopy Screens, Wall Cladding, Window Screens, Handrail Screens, Privacy Screens, Custom Perforated Panels, Window Covers, Floor Screens, Shade Screens, Shade Panels.
Five Senses Collection
Green Idea ! Collection
Virtual Plane Screen Collection

New Products:
Forte Lightweight Concrete Collection
Chisel Gypsum Collection
Adventure Panel Collection
Glacier Collection

Green Statement/Products:
Faux Leather Wall Tiles

Decorative Outdoor Panels
Stone Bathroom Wall Panels
Living Room Wall Panels


Custom 3D Wall Panels
3D Wall Panels
Brick Wall Panels
Bamboo Wall Panels
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Architectural Wall Panels
MDF Wall Paneling
Wood Plank Walls
CEU Links:
Wood Veneer Walls
Kitchen Wall Panels
Translucent Wall Panels
Acrylic Panels for Walls

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