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02 Site Construction 06 Wood + Plastics 10 Specialties 14 Conveying Systems
03 Concrete 07 Thermal + Moisture 11 Equip. + Appliances 15 Plumbing + HVAC
04 Masonry + Stone 08 Doors + Windows 12 Furnishings 16 Lighting + Electrical

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Manufacturer Opportunities
Canoga Park, California
AVM Industries is a leader in waterproofing products...
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Parsippany, New Jersey.
GAF is the largest roofing manufacturer in North America...
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Lindale, Texas.
Since 1948, Thermo Manufacturing has provided roofing and waterproofing ...
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Minnetonka, Minnesota.
Your single-source of superior construction coatings and technical support.
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Company Location Phone Company Location Phone Company Location Phone
ANDEK Corporation NJ 856.786.6900
C.I.M. Industries NH 800.543.3458
Ceratech Coatings TX 817.831.1232
Crossfield Products CA 310.886.9100
DERBIGUM Americas MO 800.727.9872 or 816.921.0221
DMAC Coatings WA 206.264.5135
Duradek MO 800.338.3568
Durapax PA 610-579-9075
Enviroseal FL 772.335.8225
Garon Products NJ 732.223.2500
Gemite Products NY 905.672.2020
H&C Concrete Stains OH 800.867.8246
Henry Company CA 310.684.5261
Kel-Crete Industries OK 800.845.1833
Metalcrete Industries OH 440.526.5600
Neogard TX 214.353.1689
Sure-Foot Industries OH 800.522.6566
Thermal-Chem IL 847.288.9090
TQ3, a Henry Company NJ 973.882.7900
Western Colloid Products CA 800.464.8292 showcases the best Thermal & Moisture protection product manufacturers in North America. Thermal & Moisture products include: Thermal & Moisture Protection, Covering, Damp proofing & Waterproofing, Coatings: Pedestrian & Vehicular Traffic, Thermal Insulation & Protection, Building Insulation, Roof Insulation & Deck Insulation, Vapor Barriers, Moisture Barriers, Air Barriers, Shingles, Roof Tiles & Roof Coverings, Clay Roof Tile, Concrete Roof Tiles, Metal Roof Tiles, Vinyl Roof Tiles, Composite Roof Tiles, Metal Roofing, Metal Wall Panels, Stone Roofing & Stone Wall Panels, Plastic & Composite Roofing, Plastic & Composite Wall Panels, Aluminum Siding, Aluminum Panels, Vinyl Siding, Membrane Roofing, Decking & Built-up Roofs, URMA Roofs, Roof Maintenance & Repairs, Flashing & Sheet Metal, Roof Specialty: Vents, Gutters, Fasteners, Fire & Smoke Protection, Fireproofing, Joint Sealants & Caulking.
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