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Canoga Park, California
AVM Industries is a leader in waterproofing products...
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Rancho Dominguez, California.
Advanced Floor and Waterproofing Solutions!
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Wellsville, Ohio.
Ondek Vinyl Worx crafts high-quality vinyl decking solutions, tailored for architects and designers.
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San Clemente, California.
Stego Industries, LLC is involved in the research, design, development, ...
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Hoffman Estates, Illinois.
For more than 40 years, CETCO’s Volclay waterproofing products ...
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Carson, California.
America's premier fabricator of roof & wall metal systems made of aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and zinc.
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Holland, Michigan.
Dri-Design was founded to provide architectural panel ...
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W. Melbourne, Florida.
Direct ship manufacturer providing environmentally-safe penetrating sealers, cleaners and coatings.
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Cambridge, Massachusetts.
GCP is a worldwide leader in the construction products industry
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Shakopee, Minnesota.
BASF Construction Chemicals is the industry leader in ...
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Bristol, Connecticut.
Manufacturer of roll-formed metal wall and roof panels...
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Sparta, Wisconsin.
Speedymason is a thin brick and stone support system for interior and exterior application.
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Lindale, Texas.
Since 1948, Thermo Manufacturing has provided roofing and waterproofing ...
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Elkton, Maryland
AQUAFIN, Inc. offers a full range of products to repair, protect, ...
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Athens, Georgia
Nawkaw specializes in restoration and architectural staining for both residential and commercial properties.
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Grand Haven, Michigan.
Noble Company is the leader in sheet membranes ...
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Minnetonka, Minnesota.
Your single-source of superior construction coatings and technical support.
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Richmond, British Columbia
Xypex is a non-toxic, chemical treatment for the waterproofing ...
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Hallandale, Florida.
A national manufacturer of roofing materials that repair, restore, and maintain roofing systems.
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Company Location Phone Company Location Phone Company Location Phone
Advanced Building ME 800.252.2306
AFM Safecoat CA 619.239.0321
Aldo Products NC 704.932.3054
All Deck CA 800.266.3325
American Hydrotech IL 800.877.6125
APOC by Gardner-Gibson CA 562.423.6471
ASTC Polymers CA 949.646.1207
Atlas Roofing GA 770.933.4470
Auburn Tile CA 909.984.2841
Aztec Washer Company CA 858.513.4350
B&B Sheetmetal NY 718.433.2501
BASF Watson Bowman Acme NY 800.677.4922
Benjamin Obdyke PA 215-672-7200
Ceratech Coatings TX 817.831.1232
Conproco NH 800.258.3500
Crossfield Products CA 310.886.9100
Deco Products CO 800.500.3326
DecTec AB 403.277.0700
DERBIGUM Americas MO 800.727.9872 or 816.921.0221
DeWitt Products MI 313.554.0575
Durapax PA 610-579-9075
Englert NJ 732.826.8614
Enviroseal FL 772.335.8225
Epro Services KS 800.882.1896
EXO-TEC Manufacturing MA 781.344.9794
Fab-Form Industries BC 888.303.3278
Flame Stop TX 817.306.1222
FlashCo Manufacturing CA 866.323.5274
Floor Seal Technology CA 800.572.2344
GAF Structural Coatings SC 800.770.6466
Gemite Products NY 905.672.2020
H&C Concrete Stains OH 800.867.8246
Henry Company CA 310.684.5261
Icynene ON 800.758.7325
IKO Industries IL 708.496.2800
Karnak NJ 732.388.0300
Kemper System America NY 800.541.5455
Kingspan Insulation USA GA 800.241.4402
Kool Seal OH 888.321.5665
Koppers PA 412.227.2001
Layfield Group WA 800.796.6868
LeafGuard by Englert NJ 800.364.5378
LymTal International MI 248.373.8100
M-D Building Products OK 800.654.0007
M-D Consumer OK 800.654.0007
MB Technology CA 559.233.2181
Mer-ko by Westcoat CA 323.775.2461
Metalcrete Industries OH 440.526.5600
MFM Building Products OH 800.882.7663
Mortar Net Solutions IN 800.664.6638
Mule Hide Products WI 800.786.1492
Neogard TX 214.353.1689
Nichiha Fiber Cement GA 866.424.4421
Northern Elastomeric NH 603.778.8899
Prosoco KS 800.255.4255
Protecto Wrap CO 800.759.9727
Quikrete Companies GA 800.282.5828
Redland Clay Tile CA 800.354.5983
RKW North America GA 706.232.3027
Roof Aqua Guard BC 888.840.3435
Roof Hugger by LSI Group FL 800.771.1711
Roof Slope by ICP Group CA 800.364.0287
Seal-Krete by Rust-Oleum FL 800.325.6180
SealGuard PA 724.625.4550
Sheffield Metals OH 800.283.5262
Sika Greenstreak MO 636.225.9400
Sika Sarnafil MA 800.451.2504
SINAK CA 800.523.3147
Siplast TX 800.922.8800
Smart Vent Products NJ 877.441.8368
Spar-Marathon Roofing ON 416-745-4111
Sto Corp GA 800.221.2397
Sto Panel Technology GA 888.227.8334
Thin Stone Systems NJ 973.882.7377
TieTex International SC 864-595-7799
Topps Products KS 913-685-2500
TQ3, a Henry Company NJ 973.882.7900
Tremco Barrier Solutions OH 800.876.5624
Tremco Group OH 800.321.7906
TYPAR by Berry Global TN 800.321.6271
Tyvek by DuPont DE 800.441.7515
U-C Coatings NY 888.363.2628
Uniroof International FL 407.869.5255
Vexcon Chemicals PA 215.332.7709
W.R. Meadows IL 847.214.2100
Wall Firma PA 724.258.6873
WeatherTite Industries VT 800.711.9672
Western Colloid Products CA 800.464.8292
York Flashings ME 800.551.2828 showcases the best Thermal & Moisture protection product manufacturers in North America. Thermal & Moisture products include: Thermal & Moisture Protection, Covering, Damp proofing & Waterproofing, Coatings: Pedestrian & Vehicular Traffic, Thermal Insulation & Protection, Building Insulation, Roof Insulation & Deck Insulation, Vapor Barriers, Moisture Barriers, Air Barriers, Shingles, Roof Tiles & Roof Coverings, Clay Roof Tile, Concrete Roof Tiles, Metal Roof Tiles, Vinyl Roof Tiles, Composite Roof Tiles, Metal Roofing, Metal Wall Panels, Stone Roofing & Stone Wall Panels, Plastic & Composite Roofing, Plastic & Composite Wall Panels, Aluminum Siding, Aluminum Panels, Vinyl Siding, Membrane Roofing, Decking & Built-up Roofs, URMA Roofs, Roof Maintenance & Repairs, Flashing & Sheet Metal, Roof Specialty: Vents, Gutters, Fasteners, Fire & Smoke Protection, Fireproofing, Joint Sealants & Caulking.
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