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Nova is a direct importer of premium quality domestic and exotic hardwood products with distribution throughout North America. We specialize in hardwood products from South America and Asia, including flooring, decking, siding, trailer decking, rough lumber, and industrial products. Nova thrives on creating Real Wood Solutions that include the finest in architectural grade wood products, innovative fastening systems for siding and decking, and our own premium exterior wood stain, ExoShield. Nova’s staff is easy to work with, consistently available, and knowledgeable with years of expertise in hardwood applications.
Product Categories:
06100 Carpentry: Framing, Panels, + Timber
06150 Decking, Deck Tiles, Sheathing + Sub Flooring
06200 Wood Finish Carpentry: Millwork + Trim
07460 Wood, Aluminum + Vinyl Siding Cladding
07469 Wood Siding
09640 Wood Flooring + Bamboo Flooring
09900 Paints, Stains + Coatings
09960 High-Performance + Special Coatings
Commercial + Residential
Showrooms / Distributors:
Our sales representatives are available to help connect you with the perfect Nova product for your project. Please contact the appropriate sales representative for your location and product.

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Brands / Products:
Hardwood decking and siding in Ipe, Batu, Mahogany, Cumaru and Massaranduba. Solid hardwood flooring in both prefinished and unfinished. Engineered flooring.
Nova Hardwood Decking
ExoClad Premium Wood Siding
ELEMENTAL Solid and Engineered Wood Floors

New Products:
ExoShield wood stain offers superior protection for exterior wood applications such as decking, siding and outdoor furniture.
Innovative spring loaded hidden fasterner decking and Rainscreen siding clips.
ExoShield Premium Wood Stain
ExoClad Rainscreen QuickClip
ExoDek Hidden QuickClip

Green Statement/Products:
All Nova wood products are produced with the utmost care for our environment. From the tropical forests of South America and Southeast Asia to the deciduous forests of northern temperate regions, we engage in only selective and highly sustainable harvesting practices to ensure the continued health and prosperity of the forests we all rely on.

Our Green Commitment
Nova Lacey Act

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