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2267 N Interstate Ave
Portland, OR 97227

Tel : 503.284.2260
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Contact: Nancy Dinh, Commercial Specialist
Sam Pardue, CEO
Russ Eisenberg, VP of Sales

Indow inserts press into the interior of an existing window frame, without any mounting brackets. Our Commercial Grade inserts are custom made for each window with laser measurements for a precise, tight fit, making a space immediately quieter, more comfortable and more energy efficient. Indow’s award-winning design has been proven to reduce an average of 20% on energy and up to 70% of noise. Great for offices, churches, hotels, condos and more.
Product Categories:
08340 Acoustical Doors + Windows
08500 Windows
08580 Storm Windows, Security + Fire Rated
Commercial + Residential
Showrooms / Distributors:
Indow window inserts are available across the US and Canada. They can be ordered direct from the manufacturer or through a certified dealer in your local area. Look up our service area at

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Brands / Products:
Drafts & Energy Saving Solutions
Sound Solutions
Light Solutions

Green Statement/Products:
Indow seeks to promote sustainable living and bring increased energy efficiency to homes and businesses across the US and Canada. As we grow we will share the increased profit margin with our customers through lower prices, making the product easier to purchase and therefore blocking more climate-changing CO2 emissions.

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