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01 Computer + Tools 05 Metals 09 Finishes 13 Special Construction
02 Site Construction 06 Wood + Plastics 10 Specialties 14 Conveying Systems
03 Concrete 07 Thermal + Moisture 11 Equip. + Appliances 15 Plumbing + HVAC
04 Masonry + Stone 08 Doors + Windows 12 Furnishings 16 Lighting + Electrical

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Franklin Park, Illinois.
Just stainless steel sinks bring form and design to the workroom, the kitchen, the bath, public restrooms...
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Princeton, New Jersey
Miele is a premium appliance brand committed to the highest quality and engineering.
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Company Location Phone Company Location Phone Company Location Phone
Berchtold SC 800.243.5135
California Stainless CA 805.484.1038
Campbell Rhea TN 731.642.4251
Darkrooms USA NY 516.395.3269
Fluke WA 800.443.5853
Haws Corporation NV 775.359.4712
HEMCO Corporation MO 800.779.4362
Hotpack PA 215.672.7800
ISEC CO 480.926.1667
Jamestown Metal Products NY 716.665.5313
Jewett NC 800.879.7767
Kewaunee NC 704.873.7202
Lab Fabricators OH 888.431.5444
LASH Work Environments NY 716.877.6153
Marvel Scientific MI 800.962.2521
Mott Manufacturing ON 519.752.7825
Unicell WA 253.582.0711 showcases the best Equipment & Appliance manufacturers in North America. Equipment & Appliances include: Maintenance Equipment, Security Equipment, Vault Equipment, Safes Equipment, Bank Teller & Service Equipment, Library Equipment, Theater & Stage Equipment, Mercantile & Retail Equipment, Commercial Laundry, Audio-Visual & Theater Equipment, Vehicle Service Equipment, Parking Control Equipment, Loading Dock Equipment, Detention Equipment, Water Supply & Treatment, Hydraulic Gates & Valves, Fluid Waste Treatment & Sump Pumps, Food Service Equipment, Refrigerators & Refrigerated Cases, Kitchen Hood & Ventilation Equipment, Stoves, Stove Tops & Ranges, Residential Appliances & Equipment, Unit Kitchens & Manufactured Kitchens, Athletic & Recreational Equipment, Industrial & Process Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Office Equipment, Medical Equipment, Agricultural Equipment, Exhibit Equipment.
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