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311 W Edwards Street
Litchfield, IL 62056

Tel : 866.966.2999
Gary Harvey – CEO
Jeran Hammann – Executive Vice President

Lamboo is a US-based manufacturer and supplier of full architectural product solutions utilizing one of the most rapidly renewable resources on the planet, bamboo. Engineered and designed for architectural, building, and OEM applications, Lamboo is the perfect alternative to typical lumbers and other composite building materials. Key advantages include: High material yield, uniform lengths up to 20’, and ease of workability allowing installers, contractors, and other building professionals reduced time and cost in finalizing their project deadlines.
Product Categories:
06150 Decking, Deck Tiles, Sheathing + Sub Flooring
06180 Glue Laminated structures
06250 Wood Paneling + Veneers
06430 Stairs, Spiral, Guardrails/Banisters
07460 Wood, Aluminum + Vinyl Siding Cladding
09500 Ceilings
09510 Acoustical Ceilings
Commercial + Residential
Showrooms / Distributors:
Please contact Lamboo Technologies to learn how to purchase materials and view products at 866.966.2999 or via email at

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Brands / Products:
Lamboo Technologies designs and manufactures its own product systems and solutions for specification within the architectural and design industries. We have developed these sustainable systems based on research and the customer demands for the ever changing building market.
Lamboo® Elements™ - Exterior Grade Bamboo Panels & Components
Lamboo® Rainscreen™ - Interior/Exterior Grade Bamboo Cladding & Soffit
Lamboo® Surface™ - Interior Grade Bamboo Panels
Lamboo® Structure™ - Structural Grade Bamboo Beams & Members
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New Products:
Lamboo® Glazing™ - Windows, Doors, Curtain Walls Storefronts
Lamboo® Skyline™ - Interior Ceiling Systems
Lamboo® Contour™ - Custom Profiled Components & Panels

Green Statement/Products:
LAMBOO® materials may contribute up to 5 LEED credits as a raw panel, veneer, or component without the additional credits that are obtained through architectural and engineering add-ons. This is more credits than any other raw material to date.



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