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Lightwave Laser offers precision artistry in laser-cutting. We primarily serve the hospitality, cabinetry, and residential design industries. Interior designers and architects as well as builders and fine woodworkers find that our beautiful, dramatic and functional laser-cut panels provide custom solutions to their design ideas. We combine unmatched technical ability with contemporary and traditional design. From ambient lighting and room dividing panels, to window and wall coverings-our elegant panels will accent your existing decor, or be an eye-catching focal point offering texture and beauty.
Product Categories:
09700 Wall Finishes, Wall Fabrics + Coverings
09770 Special Wall Surfaces + Panels
12430 Portable Lamps: Floor + Table
16500 Lighting
16502 Residential Lighting
16504 Residential Modern Lighting
16510 Interior Lighting
16518 Lamps: Floor + Table
Commercial + Residential

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Brands / Products:
Custom Servies (Wood and Other Materials): Panels, Window Covers, Lighting, Floor Screens, Outdoor, Stencils, Acrylic.
Laser Cut Wood Products: Lightwave Laser Designs, Frank Lloyd Wright Designs.
Better Homes and Gardens Exclusive Floor Screens.
Custom Paper Services.
Custom Panels
Custom Window Coves
Custom Lighting

New Products:
New Patterns
Frank Llyod Wright Designs
Lightwave Laser Designs
Better Homes and Gardens

Green Statement/Products:
We are committed to environmentally friendly products that meet customer requirements. We also believe that true environmental change will come from products that are both green and economical. Expensive "green" luxury items might make us feel better, but will have minimal impact on the environment compared to environmentally sustainable materials that can be widely used

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