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Milestone Imports has been importing and distributing Porphyry in the United States and Canada since 1998. Today it is a leader in bringing exceptional value and service to our customers by representing Porphyry quarries from around the world including Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and China.
Product Categories:
02760 Paving Specialties + Markings
02780 Hardscapes, Unit Pavers + Porous Paving
04050 Masonry Materials + Methods
04400 Stone: Marble, Limestone, Granite + Slate
09300 Tile
09381 Stair Treads: Rubber, Stone + Tile
09600 Flooring
09630 Stone Flooring + Facing
Commercial + Residential
Showrooms / Distributors:
Milestone Imports currently works with stone yards, Architects, developers, contractors & home owners in most major metropolitan areas and are now expanding our offices to include local calling in Dallas, TX and the San Francisco Bay area.
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Porphyry is versatile. It is available in a variety of sizes: cubes for circles, fans, and arcs; dimensional squares and rectangles; and wall veneer. Large rectangles can be used to achieve a contemporary look and cubes can be set to achieve the traditional fans and arcs of European cobblestone streets.

Storm Grey Porphyry, Copper Mountain Porphyry, Gris Claro Porphyry, Basalt Nero.
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Green Statement/Products:
When set on properly prepared aggregate sub-base, Porphyry pavers will last hundreds, and even thousands of years. It is a material with a long lifespan that requires very little maintenance and infrequent repairs.

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