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“Pebble” is a new line of functional art, the organically shaped seating structure; a fusion of sculpture and furniture.

Groups of “pebbles” can be set in many uses and configurations. They become installations of art in their assembly. Combining the different materials of resin, wood, and felt adds to the visual and material quality of the grouping.

Product Categories:
02872 Outdoor Sculpture + Ornamental Work
12500 Furniture
12520 Seating: Chairs, Benches + Stools
12584 Outdoor Furniture + Site Furniture
Commercial + Residential

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Brands / Products:
“Pebbles” are crafted in three contrasting materials:

Resin – slick, smooth, shiny finish

Wood – organic, of shaped layers with plywood

Felt – soft, textured surface

Pebble Brochure
eco-chic design
Michelle Kaufmann

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