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Planika Fires unite modern, international design and the advanced technology of eco friendly, smokeless bio ethanol fireplace. Planika Fires are not only elements of interior design but most importantly they are real ventless fires enhanced by design. They create unique atmospheres that influence our daily lives, they stimulate our energy and through the atmosphere of change enhance our potential.

Planika Fires run on Fanola® - a renewable ecological liquid fuel, certified for the user's and environmental safety.

Fire Design, a new category of design initiated by Planika takes the vent free fireplace sector to the next level. Planika has moved away from the traditional approach to fireplaces. The diversity of forms designed by international design masters underlies the concept of Planika Fires and allows the introduction of fire into the most sophisticated spaces.
Product Categories:
10300 Fireplaces, Stoves + Mantels
12580 Residential Furniture + Furnishings
Commercial + Residential

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Brands / Products:
Planika®, Chantico®, Fanola®
Totem - Ethanol fireplace
Modern Furniture

New Products:
Fire Line Automatic®, Duo®, Aquario®
Fireline Automatic - Ventless fireplace

Green Statement/Products:
Planika Fires run on a special ethanol based fuel – FANOLA®. Biofuel Fanola® based on ethanol of plant origin is a renewable and green source of energy. While burning bio alcohol produces no smoke, no smell and leaves no ashes.

Burn Cleanly
Safe Environment

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