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At SOSS®, we’ve always looked at the world a bit differently, imagining how the everyday can be improved upon and made exceptional. For more than 100 years, this unique perspective has served us well, acting as the catalyst to our groundbreaking door hardware innovations. From our inventive invisible hinges—developed back in 1903 by our founder, Joseph Soss—to our revolutionary new UltraLatch® push-pull entry handle that is the most ADA compliant latch on the market, SOSS continues to challenge the everyday status quo, providing architects, builders and designers with elegant, smart and well-designed door hardware solutions that open up a world of design opportunities. Our hinges have been used by people like Henry Ford and Frank Lloyd Wright. Our products are in some of the most iconic structures in the world such as Buckingham Palace, The White House and many fine hotels, offices and homes around the world. That is why we say the very best doors hinge on SOSS.
Product Categories:
06095 Wood Cabinet Hardware: Knobs + Pulls
06200 Wood Finish Carpentry: Millwork + Trim
06410 Wood Custom Cabinets + Closets
06415 Wood Cabinets, Kitchen/Countertops
08710 Door + Window Hardware
08714 Sliding + Folding Door Hardware
10900 Wardrobe, Closet Specialties
12350 Casework: Education, Hotel + Medical
Commercial + Residential
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SOSS® Hinge Hardware
Invisible Hinges

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The SOSS® UltraLatch® is a totally new concept in door entry hardware. Designed to be the most convenient, practical and aesthetically pleasing door latch you have ever used.
SOSS® UltraLatch®

Invisible Hinge Product Overview
UltraLatch Product Overview
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