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Unilock Commercial Pavers & Walls
Unilock stands as the leading architectural hardscape manufacturer in North America with our profound technical expertise, dedicated support, design resources and unparalleled collection of commercial pavers and walls. We are resolute in building a sustainable business that will allow for the creation of carbon neutral and negative projects. Partner with Unilock on your next project to work with a team of committed representatives who will ensure all the pieces of your design fall into place.
Product Categories:
02050 Site Materials + Methods
02700 Pavements, Bases + Ballasts
02780 Hardscapes, Unit Pavers + Porous Paving
02800 Improvements + Amenities
02830 Retaining Walls
02840 Walk, Road & Parking Appurtenances
03400 Precast Concrete
04700 Masonry: Simulated Brick + Stone Masonry
Commercial + Residential
MarketNorth America
Showrooms / Distributors:
Experience the Unilock Outdoor Idea Center to see, touch and feel the product installed in inspiring displays.
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Brands / Products:
Finishes: Umbriano®, Il Campo®, Series™, Revela™, Granito™, Flagstone Premier, Smooth Premier, Classic Thrumix
Shapes: Planks, Rectangles, Squares, Slabs, Hex, Random Bundles and more.
Paver Product Families: Artline™, Beacon Hill™ Smooth, Copthorne®, Courtstone®, Hex Paver™, Mattoni™, Promenade Paver™, Town Hall®, Nordic Cobble™ & more.
Roof Deck Slab Product Families: Arcana™, Skyline™, Soreno™, Revela™, Beacon Hill™ Smooth XL
Permeable Paver Product Families: Eco-Optiloc™, Eco-Promenade®, Eco-Line™, Eco-Priora™, Tribeca Cobble™ & more.
Retaining Wall Product Families: Pisa™ /Concord Wall™, SienaStone™, SienaStone™ Smooth / SienaEdge™, Lineo™ Dimensional Stone, Brussels Dimensional Stone®, Dura-Hold®, U-Cara® & more.

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New Products:
U-Cara® Multi-Face Wall System

Green Statement/Products:
Unilock is committed to becoming a carbon neutral company. We continue to minimize our use of fossil fuels, recycle and harvest water, and replace cement in our products with supplementary cementitious materials while manufacturing the highest quality product. By working towards carbon neutrality and making our products and our company more sustainable, we will be able to build a legacy of beautiful landscapes that enhance our lives, our health and our environment.

Unilock Sustainability
Permeable Pavers
Advantages of Permeable Pavers


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