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Vandalstop Products
Vandal Stop Products specialises in commercial grade toilet paper dispensers and fixtures manufactured with stainless steel. Our bathroom dispensers are designed for public and private restroom facilities where traffic, abuse and corrosion are a concern. Our commercial restroom accessories are designed to withstand vandals, thieves and corrosion thieves by utilising heavy duty 12 and 14 gauge stainless steel that stands up to abuse and stays functional. For extreme abusive environments several of our toilet paper dispensers and bathroom fixtures are available with No-Moving-Parts (NMP) design to further enhance the durability. Our bathroom fixtures pay for themselves by saving the expense of replacing worn out or damaged fixtures as well as savings on personnel costs to have those damaged fixtures replaced.
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10155 Toilet Compartments
10800 Toilet, Bath + Laundry Accessories

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Mirrors, Paper Towel Dispensers, Seat Cover Dispsener, Soap Dispenser, Toilet Tissue Dispensers, Waste Receptacles

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Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser (TSCD),
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MCS Mirror

Paper Towel Dispensers
Seat Cover Dispensers
Soap Dispensers
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