Web Devices

6601 Harrisburg Blvd.
Houston, TX 77011

Tel : 800.262.4891
Fax: 713-928-3356
Contact: Debbie Girouard
Mike Parker; President

Web Devices provides installation of fall protection systems including personnel and debris nets. Other services include fall hazard risk analysis, system design, maintenance, inspection and certification, and a certified repair center for retractable lanyards. We also provide installation of pre-engineered horizontal lifeline systems, Web Devices installed a system on the Enron Field Roof in Houston which is now known as the Minute Maid Park.
Product Categories:
01500 Temp. Construction Facilities + Controls
01540 Construction Tools. Machinery + Equipment
Commercial + Residential

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Brands / Products:
Full Body Harnesses; Shock-Sorb Lanyards; Cable Retractable Lanyards; Web Retractable Lanyards; Cable Ladders; Rope Ladders; Chain Ladders; Cable Grabs; Rope Grabs; Ladder Systems; Safety Hooks; Handy Hooks; Scaffold Hooks; Carabiners; Fall Protection Training; Single Lanyard; Wheel Nets; Personnel Nets; Debris Nets; Cargo Nets; Scaffold Davits; Roofer's Kit; Roof Anchors; Tool Spider; Anchor Pads; I-Beam Cross Over Straps; Beam Clamps; Rebar Chain Assemblies; Rescue Pole; Lifelines; Custom Made Products; Self Retracting Lifeline; Double Lanyard; Shock Absorbing Lanyards.

New Products:
The Web Devices Rescue Pole assembly is designed to aid in the rescue of an individual suspended in a full body harness. The rescue pole assembly permits a rescuer to reach the individual, connect to the harness and hoist.

Debris Netting

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