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Since 1981, Westile has manufactured quality roofing materials. Westile products are used on both new construction and reroofing projects. With a nationwide network of distributors, Westile is close to all major traditional and non-traditional markets. The Westile roof pavers are designed to provide years of protection in all climates, coupled with a wide selection of colors and finishes to enhance any architectural style. Westile also offers a line of flat roof interlocking Ballast Paver™ systems to improve the performance of commercial roofs.
Among the services Westile offers are a complete line of architectural tools for specifying the color and profile that best fits your needs. Electronic drawings and specifications, as well as architectural color samples are available for making quick, accurate decisions for all of your roof paver needs
Product Categories:
02700 Pavements, Bases + Ballasts
02780 Hardscapes, Unit Pavers + Porous Paving
06150 Decking, Deck Tiles, Sheathing + Sub Flooring
07220 Roof Insulation + Deck Insulation
07300 Shingles, Roof Tile, Roof Tiles + Roof Coverings
07500 Membrane Roofing, Decking + Built-up
07725 Roof Walkways + Pads
Commercial + Residential
Showrooms / Distributors:
Westile offers a number of request forms to help you with your project. Contact us for more product information, sample and quote request.
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Brands / Products:
Ballast Paver, Pedestals, Wood Paver, Western Plaza Paver, Classic Plaza Paver, Limerick Plaza Paver.
Plaza Paver
IPE Wood Paver
Pedestals and Accessories

Green Statement/Products:
Westile white solar reflective pavers have a standard solar reflective index (SRI) of 79.7 which will help meet most requirements for low slope roof energy efficiency. In addition to providing outstanding durability, Arctic White Ballast Pavers™ from Westile effectively reduce interior heat gain and cooling loads as well as assisting to reduce heat island effect.

Evaluating the Energy Performance  of Ballasted Roof Systems
Arctic White Ballast Pavers

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Ballast Paver Specification
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PaveMat 600 Specifications.
Ballast Paver Design & Installation Guide

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