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Richmond, BC V6V2G9

Tel : 800.961.4477
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Contact: Les Faure
Xypex Chemical Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of products for the waterproofing, protection and repair of concrete structures.
In 1968 Xypex fundamentally changed and improved the approach to concrete waterproofing and protection, introducing Xypex Crystalline Technology, a chemistry designed to work within the concrete itself instead of simply on its surface.
The Xypex family of products evolved around varied applications of this unique technology and its ability to solve problems in situations where traditional barrier systems are weak or ineffective.
Xypex’s global presence and commitment to excellence is bolstered by a strong network of licensees, distributors, technical representatives and installers who respond quickly to the needs and expectations of customers.
Product Categories:
03360 Concrete Finishes
03390 Concrete Curing
03500 Cementitious Decks + Underlayment
03920 Concrete Resurfacing
03930 Concrete Rehabilitation + Crack Repair
07100 Damp proofing + Waterproofing
09690 Underlayment
09980 Concrete Coatings + Masonry Coatings
Showrooms / Distributors:
Xypex products and services are available in over 90 countries.
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Brands / Products:
Xypex Concentrate, Modified, Admix C-Series, DS Series (dry shake formulations), Patch'n Plug, FCM, Restora-Top, Gamma Cure, Xycrylic-Admix;
Coating Products
Additive Products
Dryshake Products

New Products:
Xypex Bio-San C500 is a unique way of protecting concrete in harsh sewage conditions with high levels of hydrogen sulphide that cause microbial induced corrosion.
Bio-San C500

Green Statement/Products:
Thinking green? Xypex has been since 1969. Xypex products and their installation provide many benefits to the concrete construction world and the pursuit of environmental sustainability.

Being Green

The Xypex Advantage
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