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Nature Wrapped Resorts

Kandalama Hotel

Sri Lanka, 1995
Geoffrey Bawa Architect

The Kandalama Hotel, designed by Geoffrey Bawa, was constructed between 1992 and 1995 on the outskirts of Dambulla, Sri Lanka. The hotel was commissioned by the Aitken Spence Hotel Group to accommodate tourists visiting the nearby city of Sigiriya, a Sinhalese royal complex built in the fifth century A.D. around and atop the massive Sigiriya Rock.

The famed ruins at Sigiriya relate harmoniously to their surroundings as architecture, earthworks, and frescoes strikingly frame and engage with the picture... more


Forum Homini

South Africa, 1994
Activate Architects

This 14 roomed boutique hotel by activate architects (Edward Paes-Brooks & Michael Magner makes an important contribution to the architecture of the post apartheid period through the exemplary ways it explores two architectural themes – firstly the relationship between architecture and landscape, a preoccupation of a number of other buildings completed since 1994, and secondly, the relationship between architecture and iconography, also a frequently rehearsed theme. more inhabitat


Poseidon Undersea Resort

Design Complete 2012

The Poseidon Undersea Resort, which will be located in a lagoon off a private island in Fiji. The property, which is relatively small compared to a similar but much larger project being proposed in Dubai, was developed by L. Bruce Jones, president of U.S. Submarines, Inc.

The resort is composed of 25 guest suites, spa, 100-seat restaurant, bar/lounge, fitness center, conference room/wedding chapel/theater... more


New Product Showcase

We craft art installations, murals, product, branding & architectural designs to connect companies & clientele.

Cardinal Shower Doors
Cardinal Shower Enclosures is a full service supplier of shower enclosures, offering an extremely wide...

Colin Selig Designs
Colin Selig's work is a synthesis of sculpture and sustainable design.
Collier Metals
All Steel Lanscape edging products are available in Green, Brown and Black powder coat finish.

Delray Lighting
Both decorative and functional, Delray luminaires are available in a wide variety of styles.

Manufactured from 100% recycled rubber, these tiles are an affordable and easy to install alternative to...

Draper's FlexShade window shades reflect light and heat from the sun, reducing the amount of energy...

Easi-Serv Products
Easi-Serv has been providing premium pass-thru, drive-thru and patio windows. .

Access control systems can be deployed in almost any type of facility and with a varying range of system.

Hallmark Floors
Hallmark Floors designs beautiful, innovative, quality floors

Just Manufacturing
Just Manufacturing offers a complete line of commercial faucets, bubblers and drains to meet the needs of...

Lyons Sandstone
Quarry and wholesale fabrication company specializing in Colorado Red Sandstone, serving landscape...

Meltdown Glass
Meltdown Glass is an industry leader in the creation of site-specific kiln-fired glass for architecture, interiors...

POHL facade design - Formative. Individual. Unmistakable. Aesthetic.
PolyFab USA
Supplying premium shade cloth for commercial and domestic use. A selection of outdoor shade sails for…
RH Peterson
We offer superior, state-of-the-art fireplaces, barbecues and outdoor fire products for homes around the world.

Our aluminum landscape edging is known interna- tionally for its 100% American manufactured edging...

Vixen Hill
Vixen Hill has been a world supplier of traditional outdoor structures and home products.

Innovators - A Look Back


Henry A. Wood
1930 - 2017
“To demolish the sturdy City Hall, something on the order of an atomic blast would be required.”


Not long after Mayor Thomas M. Menino announced in 2006 that he wanted to build a new, “architecturally magnificent” City Hall on the South Boston waterfront, Henry... more


Carlo Riva
1922- 2017
"Sun, sea, joie de vivre!"


Originally an engineer, Carlo was driven by an endless passion for boats and the family business since he was a child. Through his powerful... more Riva

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