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Instant Pop-Up Shelters

Sprung into Action

Designed for 150 beds, this 60’ wide x 120’ long Sprung structure was erected in San Diego California and is designed to provide an immediate overflow solution over a two year period while conventional housing is built

in the area. The Structure includes 150 beds, library, computer station, rest rooms, and shower area. At the end of the term, the structure will be... more


Flat-Pack Emergency Refugee
Shelters by IKEA

Mass-producing its $1,000-per-unit temporary flat-pack house to destinations in need around the world. Much like IKEA‘s everyday products, these shelters... more




The Duckweed Survival House is a floating emergency shelter designed to elevate survival rates and assist with rescues in disaster situations such as tsunamis and floods. An alternative to exposed life rafts, the

enclosed design providers shelter from the elements and even large waves that have potential to overthrow or exhaust survivors. The weight underneath ensures the unit won’t tip over and is stabilizing in rough... more


New Product Showcase

Arke's patented spiral staircase kits are built to the highest standards of quality in workmanship and...

Bigfoot Systems
Bigfoot Systems® Footing Forms are the original, code evaluated engineered footing forms for...
Flannery is a manufacturer of specialty aluminum trim.

Grind To A Halt
Grind to a Halt is a seller of skateboard deterrents.
Rare aesthetics. Environmentally responsible materials. Dynamic performance & energy efficiency.

Lawson Industries
Lawson offers a full line of windows and doors designed to compliment one another.

Metal Design System
Metal Design Systems, Inc. is one of the leading aluminum composite fabricators located in the...

Patina protects the underlying copper from deteri- oration while enhancing the beauty of your home.

Planted Design
We dream, create and build one of a kind, living vertical walls & plant arrangements.

Our commercial entrances and deluxe entrance packages are constructed utilizing the finest materials

Sunrise Systems                      
Sunrise Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom LED signage.

Securall Doors
The logical choice for industrial, commercial & institutional doors...

SIMONSWERK North America    
The leader manufacturer of innovative hinge systems of doors.

Customize your steam shower today! Envision your home steam room
T. Clear
Full line of concrete building envelope products including HeavyGUARD, ProGUARD, WallGUARD...
Tropical Roofing
Cost effective, quality roof restoration with Tropical Roofing Products.

Vintage Brick Salvage
Thin Brick made from real antique brick and full sized reclaimed brick from Vintage Brick Salvag

Industry Leader in Architectural Railings from Glass Railing Systems and Cable Railing Systems to new...

Innovators - A Look Back


Vincent Scully
1920 - 2017
“the most influential architecture teacher ever.” - Phillip Johnson


Scully was a staunch advocate for the work of Louis Kahn and Robert Venturi long before they were house... more


Vito Acconci
1926- 2017
"New building should bring tradition and heritage back to life"


Architect often described as ‘the man who built Cambodia’ and who transformed Phnom Penh into an elegant city. more

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