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Material Evolution

Marvelous Metal Skins

Aluminium, copper, zinc, steel; a whole spectrum of metallic materials will be featured across Materials for Architecture 2018’s conference and exhibition.

Looking at their use in structures, envelope, facades and finishes, the event seeks to bolster best practices, demystify problems, and advance the... more



Lyon Confluence, France

No other form of construction for the building envelope changes the face of architecture so completely as membranes. New materials and modern design methods in the hands of bold pioneers like seele result in unprecedented architectural diversity. The multi-functional membrane roof made from air-filled, transparent ETFE-foil cushions 30m above the ground forms the highlight in this part of the city. more

Canary Wharf Crossrail Station, London



The transparent, lightweight and mobile shell structures relate to the notion of activating, creating and sharing public space and involving citizens in creative processes.

They are in many ways the simplest of structures – a skin that separates but also connects. The result is a site specific installation that breathes new life into the city and makes the invisible visible. more


New Product Showcase

Access Lighting
Access Lighting is a contemporary lighting brand in the home-furnishings marketplace.

Aesthetic Green Power
The continuation of pioneering work in renewable-powered building science begun by Atlantis Energy...
AIRFLOOR moves HVAC air delivery into the sub-flooring, liberating interior spaces from unsightly...

Canaan Site Furnishings
Canaan offers quality site furniture for public and private spaces across North America.
Dura Locker
Dura Bike Locker designs, manufactures, distributes and installs bicycle parking in the form of steel bike...

Earth Planter
We have accumulated over 40 years of industry experience in lamination technology.

ECO Insulating Glass
ECO Insulating Glass manufactures glass with superior insulating performance.

Evergreen House
Creating glass structures, skylights, and canopies for nearly 75 years.
FT Synthetics
Created by experts especially for roofers, FT SYNTHETICS is dedicated to researching and...

Founded in 1886, GAF has become the largest roofing manufacturer in North America.

General Glass International                        
GGI offers a complete line of advanced architectural and decorative glass products including oversize...

Indow Windows
Indow inserts press into the interior of an existing window frame, without any mounting brackets.

Infinity Canopy
Infinity Canopy is the most dynamic and versatile retractable canopy in the world!
Kenneth Lynch & Sons
Has been producing high quality park benches, as well as cast stone and lead statuary and fountain...

Lamboo Technology
A US-based manufacturer and supplier of full architectural product solutions utilizing one of the...

modularArts® InterlockingRock® is a collection of innovative products that create graceful architectural...

For more then 20 years NightOrbs, has created hand-blown glass illuminators for landscape and water...
OHC (Overseas Hardwoods Company)
We import, manufacture, and distribute high performance tropical hardwoods from around the world.
Overhead Door
Overhead Door is one of the most recognized and respected brands in the garage door industry.
The Portable Fire Extinguisher You Can Service Yourself

Smart Film Glass
Smart Film is a protective film with a peel off backing for easy installation on existing glass.
The leading designer and advocate of kinetic architecture, creating transformative, mechanized...
Wagner Architectural Systems
A leading global supplier of architectural railing systems, custom fabricated metalwork
Wayne Dalton
Wayne Dalton is the only source for the latest garage door and garage door opener features.

Innovators - A Look Back


Robert Silman  
1935 - 2018
“He was a throwback, a mensch” Oppenheimer adds. If you wanted to start a firm that competed with him, he would help you out.


Restoration of Falling Water

Silman wasn’t an architect, but he had as much impact on the built environment as any architect of his generation. In the 52 years since he founded Robert Silman Associates (now known simply as...more


Kerry Hill
1942- 2018
"We like to think that each building is designed especially for its context and its place."



City of Perth Library

Australian Institute of Architects' Gold Medal-winning architect Kerry Hill, designer of the City of Perth Library as well as numerous award-winning hotels, the architect whose body of work "has come to define tropical... more

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