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Slabs with views

Jade Signature skyscraper in Miami

Swiss firm Herzog & de Meuron has completed a residential tower north of Miami Beach, featuring terraces formed by extended concrete floor slabs.

The 57-storey concrete tower, which tapers gradually towards its top, features sculptural columns expressed on its exterior, between floor plates extended... more


Aqua Tower- Spirit of Space

The design for Aqua uses architecture to capture and reinterpret the human and outdoor connections that occur more naturally when living closer to the ground. Its distinctive form is achieved by varying the floor slabs across the height the tower, based on criteria such as views, sunlight, and use. more


Beirut Terraces- Staggered floor plates

The residential tower is made up of irregularly sized floor slabs that give it an indefinite outline.

Five modular floors are repeated in different combinations to create the staggered arrangement. The white slabs overhang the double-glazed walls by at least 60 centimetres to provide shade and to... more

New Product Showcase

2Fold Door
2Fold Doors is the product of more than 40 years working with the top window and door manufacturers.

Leading manufacturer of wheelchair ramps, AlumiRamp designs, manufactures, and delivers a full line of...

Architectural Grilles and Sunshades
We are committed to providing quality craftsmanship with our products and superior customer service at...

The resource for specialty glass since 1927, offering 2,000+ decorative glass types and unlimited...
BK Barrit
BK Barrit is a Philadelphia manufacturer of excellent quality seating and tables.

Thin brick veneer for any size brick floor or wall project, shipped nationwide.

Cartveyor™ - A safe and efficient way to transport shopping carts from one floor level to another.

Casa Vita Bella
Hand-made Encaustic Tiles in Hex and Square formats.
Coronado Stone Products
Coronado Stone offers a variety of manufactured stone veneer, thin brick, tile and precast products.

DW Dots
Detectable Warning areas are to be maintained for life.

Fold Up Windows                        
FoldUp™ by Rochester Colonial Mfg. Corp. A unique window that creates new opportunities to open...

Global Architectural Systems
Over 100 years of combined experience in the design, engineering, and fabrication of structural glass..

GSI - Glazed Structures
Energy Glazed Systems is a leading producer of skylights, domes
Enjoy enhanced automation control with Infratech smart home integration.

Jona Panels
Set out to manufacture and promote the use of environmentally conscience building products.

Just Manufacturing
Just stainless steel sinks bring form and design to the workroom, the kitchen, the bath, public restrooms...

Kreiger Specialty Products
A leading manufacturer of specialized door and window products.
Metalwërks remains committed to innovating architectural plate systems that meet the ever-evolving aesthetic...

PolyGrate tree grates from SPC are earth friendly and made of 100% post-consumer plastic.
PolyVision has consistently produced durable and sustainable CeramicSteel surfaces...

Pool and Spa Enclousures
Retractable pool, spa and patio enclosures, all year and all weather. It's time to relax and enjoy with quality...
A manufacturer of specialty gas log sets and contemporary gas fires for vented and vent-free fire...
Reclaimed Woods of the World
We are one of the largest single supplier of green wood flooring. We are a major LEED producer and...
Renlita Custom Opening Solutions
Renlita Doors is a manufacturer of custom engineered vertical and horizontal operating solutions.

Solar Graphics Designs
Solar Graphics colored window films. Professional grade transparent, translucent and reflective PET...
St Cloud Window
Specializes in challenging, multi-faceted projects; From acoustical applications and historic replication...
Sunair® was established in 1978 as a national manufacturer and distribution of Sun protection...

Trueform Concrete
Trueform Concrete brings a unique perspective to the functional and practical use of concrete.
Victor Stanley
A leader in quality site furnishings, helps you bring your visions to life. From benches and litter receptacles...
Woodgrain Millwork
Woodgrain Millwork manufactures and distributes a wide variety of millwork products.

Innovators - A Look Back


Gene Leedy  
1928 - 2018
“The automobile is popular in america because people want to get out of their houses”


A founding father of the "Sarasota school" of architecture, chose to make Winter Haven his home in 1954 when commissioned that year to build the Sparrow House.  It was his first work in the quiet Polk County town.  Though the scope of his work is now globally recognized, Winter Haven... more


Dr Joseph Chow Ming-Kuen
1941- 2018
"A wonderful and gentle soul"


Renowned engineer, who once proposed building flats above one of the world’s busiest container terminals as a long-term solution to Hong Kong’s housing shortage. A civil and structural engineer by profession, Chow also held several public offices. more scmp

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