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Calgary Central Library
Snøhetta Architects

Snøhetta designed a new central library for Calgary by using inspiration from the province’s arch-shaped Chinook cloud formations. The façade includes interlocking hexagonal patterns, allowing every side of the building to hold equal importance and look as though it could serve as the library’s front.

The modern design, which arches over a light rail line, is also filled inside with western red cedar, allowing the flowing forms to merge nature with... more archdaily


Stuttgart City Library
Yi Architects

The cube-shaped library in Stuttgart includes a five-story gallery hall in the center of the building, surrounded by a shell of books. The core of the library follows the design of the ancient pantheon, but the exterior pairs grey fair-faced concrete framing with a mixture of frosted glass bricks that make up a second façade. That central room includes... more popular



Mexico City Library
Architects Juan Palomar & Alberta Kalach 

Transparent walls, mismatched floors, and hive-like bookshelves make this 400,000-square-foot downtown Mexico City library a spectacle, especially on the

inside. Architects Juan Palomar and Alberta Kalach designed a steel, concrete, and glass structure within a botanical garden and then created giant... more


New Product Showcase

Abrams Architectural Products
Abrams Architectural Products is distributor, fabricator, and installer of architectural metals

Air Concepts
Manufactures high quality, unique air distribution products, diffusers, louvers, nozzles and registers...

BK Barrit
OVER 2000 CHAIRS ON THE WEB! BK Barrit is a Philadelphia manufacturer of excellent quality seating...

100+ year-old global washroom accessory and toilet partition company
Cresset Chemical
An innovative leader in developing, distributing, and servicing site cast and precast Release Agents...

Decorative Films
We supply the broadest range of decorative films available today at the most competitive prices
Has gained an international reputation for expertly engineered design and top quality workmanship.

National Access Design
An international, woman-owned, small business which manufactures swing doors, strip doors, freezer...

Nevins Phone Booth allows you to transform an otherwise unused space to a functional secluded work environment

Custom beaded curtains and screens made from high quality USA-made ball chain.

North America’s oldest interlocking concrete paver producer association.

Vanrohe Architectural Products
Manufacturer of glass railings and stainless steel railing components, demonstrating an excellent...

Versatex Trimboard
TRIM SMARTER! Our products are all manufactured with the highest level of quality.

Vestre North America
Leading producer of commercial grade stainless steel sinks, faucets and application specific...

Victor Stanley
A leader in quality site furnishings, helps you bring your visions to life.

Innovators - A Look Back


Adolfo Natalini  
1941 - 2020
“Until all design activities are aimed towards meeting primary needs. Until then, design must disappear. We can live without architecture”


One of two founding members of the Italian avant-garde architecture firm Superstudio. Born in Pistoia, a picturesque town one hour northwest of Florence, Natalini graduated from the University of Florence in 1966 with an initial interest in... more WA Post


Robert Maxwell
1922- 2020
Maxwell taught “Architecture as Cultural Expression”



Dean Maxwell was a remarkable educator whose legacy is still felt in the field of architecture at large. Maxwell, who transferred to emeritus status in 1993, was known for his critical writing linking modern... more Robert

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