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The hidden ways that Architecture
affects how you feel

“We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us,” mused Winston Churchill in 1943 while considering the repair of the bomb-ravaged House of Commons. More than 70 years on, he would doubtless

We now know, for example, that buildings and cities can affect our mood and well-being, and that specialised cells in the hippocampal region of our brains are attuned to the geometry and arrangement of the spaces we inhabit. more


The Influence of Architecture
on our Psyche

We spend 80–90% of our lives indoors, surrounded by forms, artificial light, colors, furniture and soundscapes. Isn’t it time to ask how much these built environments affect our lives and our personality? In this series, we explore questions about how architecture affects our thinking, our cognitive abilities, our mental and physical well-being, and our emotions. A relatively new field of research, namely “architectural psychology”, has been intensively dealing with such questions for several years. The aim of this academic field is to explore the impacts of architecture on humans... more



Nature vs Nurture:
How to Rewild Your Garden

For decades, the gardening world has been obsessed with taming nature, planting in straight lines, and demanding that the environment bends to its collective

will. But if the events of recent months have shown us anything, it’s that nurturing nature can be nourishing for body and mind. Rewilding—creating gardens... more

Chicago's Lurie Garden. Getty Images

New Product Showcase

Access Lighting
Access Lighting is a contemporary lighting brand in the home-furnishings marketplace.

Aesthetic Green Power
Renewable energy is more than solar panels – it is daylighting, solar thermal and even energy storage...

HVAC air delivery into the sub-flooring, liberating interior spaces from unsightly ducting and drop ceilings.

Aldora Aluminum and Glass Products is an industry leader in glass and aluminum fabrication.
Specialist in ACM panel manufacturing, for building and construction applications such as wall cladding...

Belden Brick
We have proudly stamped our name on billions of brick products throughout our hundred plus year history.
Chandler Company
We are a custom fiberglass manufacturer, committed to enhancing our position as a major fabricator.

Cherokee Brick
Cherokee Brick is the preferred brick provider for architectural and residential builders.
Clayton & Lambert
Customized engineered solutions for companies in the swimming pool, grain storage, industrial storage...

We craft custom monumental wood window and door systems for contemporary architecture.

Earth Planter                        
The Leader in Commercial Self-Watering Planter Systems.

Elemental / Nova
Nova is a direct importer of premium quality domestic and exotic hardwood products

Flannery is a manufacturer of specialty aluminum trim.

Founded in 1886, GAF has become the largest roofing manufacturer in North America.

Glazzio Tiles
Glazzio Tiles offers a unique appearance unachievable with conventional tiles.

Interstate Brick
Interstate Brick is widely recognized as one of the premier commercial brick manufacturers in the U.S.

Kenneth Lynch & Sons
Producing high quality park benches, as well as cast stone and lead statuary and fountain reproductions...
Modern-Shed offers sleek, quality structures that are designed to meet your needs.

Morin - Kingspan Group
One of the industry's most versatile manufacturers of single element metal wall and roof panel systems.
Omega Mantels
Our premier quality mantels are hand crafted by true artisans using a hundred-year old technique...

Polyfab USA
Polyfab is at the forefront of shadecloth development, in particular for sun shade sails.

Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors
We manufacture and install low maintenance custom one piece hydraulic doors that lift up and out…

Silacote LLC
Fully tintable inorganic mineral silicate paint, the most durable of all paint technologies for concrete...

Solomon Colors
An industry leader in colored concrete since 1927 as a worldwide supplier of concrete color...

Innovators - A Look Back


Michael McKinnell  
1935 - 2020
“We believed that concrete was the appropriate material to use because it symbolized longevity, it symbolized permanence. It also symbolized a faith in the future”


The beginning of Michael McKinnell’s career as an architect was almost like a fairy tale: In 1962, while a graduate student at Columbia University, the British-born McKinnell and his professor Gerhard Kallmann entered an open competition to design a city... more


Judith Gura
1935- 2020
“Her tastes were modern and adventuresome”




Gura was a thoughtful critic, an insightful and informed writer, and a beloved teacher. She was a design history professor at the Pratt Institute and the coordinator of the Design History program at the... more

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