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International Perspectives on
Community Housing

Los Angeles - Hollywood
Community Housing

As part of the Hollywood Community Housing Corporation’s mission to increase the number of quality affordable rental units, this project offers one, two, and 

three bedroom family apartments laid out around community amenities. more


Renewed Vision of Housing Projects
in Japan

After hundreds of years of living in wooden homes that were constantly prone to fire, danchi (団地) public housing projects emerged in the 1960s to cope with Japan’s rapid modernization and urbanization. Made from western materials and western designs, they sprung up in suburbs across Japan and drastically changed the lifestyle of millions who found themselves living in a brand new type of community. more


Energy-saving, social housing in the UK

This is Goldsmith Street, a new development of around 100 homes, built by Norwich city council, without a profit-hungry developer in sight.

They are not homes that fit into the murky class of “affordable”, or the multitude of “intermediate” tenures. This is proper social housing, rented from the council with secure tenancies at fixed rents. more

New Product Showcase

Produce state of the art commercial heavy duty skylights & glazing solutions.

AZEK manufactures PVC products including Trim, Mouldings, Deck, Porch, Decking, Railing, and Pavers.

Beach Sheet Metal
We fabricate a beautiful line of copper dormers, cupolas, finials, chimney caps, conductors...

Bison Innovative Products
Adjustable BISON Deck Supports elevate concrete pavers, wood
Davis Colors
Davis Colors is the leading U.S. producer of mix-in color

Consisting of up to 80% recycled rubber and plastic, EcoStar is the...
Direct ship manufacturer providing environmentally-safe penetrating sealers, cleaners and coatings.

Fuller Architectural Panels
Fuller Architectural Panels is a USA based supplier of PVC and ACM based decorative building products.
Grosfillex designs builds and markets a complete line of distinct, durable, contemporary commercial...

Hadrian Manufacturing Inc. is a worldwide supplier of quality toilet partition and locker products.

Lightblocks Architectural Resins- colored and colorless acrylic with patented matte finish and resin...

Metal Design Systems
The leading Aluminum Composite and Metal Composite panel fabricators in North America. 

Stuc-O-Flex created America's first Breathable Elastomeric.

Textures 3D
three-dimensional textured wall panels at both the commercial and residential level.

The Brookfield Company
Originally designed, handcrafted concrete products for home and garden.

From traditional wood-plastic composite planks to PVC decking material; from railing and lighting to under...

UltraBase Systems
Innovative Base Technologies provides a host of innovative products for creating smarter places to work.
Vitrocsa - The Invisible Sliding Wall System.

Innovators - A Look Back


Chandra Jha  
1926 - 2020
“Work doesn’t land on your door. You have to go get it”


Chandra Jha was a structural engineer and developer who played a key role in the construction of the skyscraper formerly known as John Hancock Center. He later formed his own firm, PSM International Corp., and developed the Gold Coast’s Onterie Center building. “Chandra was tireless. He always wanted to get things done and he was prepared to take risks,” said retired University of Chicago... more


Van B. Bruner Jr
1931- 2020
“Voice for broadening diversity in architecture and advocating for community participation in urban planning projects”



The founder of his eponymous firm, The Bruner Firm, Bruner was the second Black architect to serve as AIA vice president, and received the Institute's Whitney M. Young Jr. Award in 1975 in recognition of his "voice for broadening diversity in architecture and... more

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