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Vista Tower. Magellan Development

Changing Chicago’s Skyline

The birthplace of the skyscraper, Chicago is reinventing its world-famous skyline as it prepares to a new batch of tall, eye-catching towers.

When the 836-foot-tall One Bennett Park opened in 2019, it was the city’s first 800-footer in nearly a decade. It was soon followed by the 896-foot NEMA Chicago project at the southern edge... more


Toronto's underground city

When Toronto transit riders disgorge on any number of subway platforms in the downtown business district, they enter a realm that knows no season. A vast subterranean network of passageways connect dozens of office towers, attractions, hotels and shops. On a recent winter afternoon, swarms of office workers, purposeful in their step and comfortably dressed for temperature-controlled comfort, moved through one maze-like mall after another, while the snow howled through concrete canyons above. more


The Age of Island Cities

Maybe you haven’t heard of the Seasteading Institute. Their idea is to create ocean-going island cities with separate laws and governance from the rest of the world; more for sociopolitical reasons than practical.

Little do they know they are ahead of the curve on what will be a major trend in the future. more


New Product Showcase

Abrams Architectural Products
Distributor, fabricator, and installer of architectural metals in the Southeastern United States.

Acme Brick
We start with rich clays and shales, carefully selected for color and durability.

Air Vent
It’s the building industry’s leader in manufacturing in the U.S.A.

American Bicycle Security
American Bicycle is the Premier Manufacture of Bicycle Lockers and supplier of related equipment.
Belden Brick
We proudly stamped our name on billions of brick products throughout our hundred plus year history.

A leading North American manufacturer and marketer of home closet organization, and garage storage...
CSI Metal
America's premier fabricator of roof & wall metal systems made of aluminum, copper, stainless steel...

Advanced Floor and Waterproofing Solutions!
Eco Arbor Design
We are the number one deck tile manufacturer to the design and architectural industry for over 10 years.

Founded in 1886, GAF has become the largest roofing manufacturer in North America.  

GTI Planting - Pots Planters & More                        
Providing exciting containers & horticulture solutions for the Interior/Exterior Landscape, Interior Design…

Third Generation of Quarrymen, Fabricators and Stone Masons.

Premier provider of traditional and contemporary lightweight masonry fireplace.

Next 2 Natural Turf
With our impeccable artificial grass installation techniques, we can make nearly any surface green.

Viaggio® Manufacturer
A new modern line of Italian-inspired hardware

Safety Rail Company
Safety Handrail & Railing Solutions - Smarter. Better. Easier.

SAFTI Fire Rated Glass
SAFTI FIRST is a leading USA manufacturer of fire rated glass and framing systems.
Window/wall treatments, space dividers, architectural accents, lighting fixtures, stage backdrops and...

Solomon Colors / Brickform
An industry leader in colored concrete since 1927 as a worldwide supplier of concrete color.

Sunair Awnings & Solar Screens
Sunair® was established in 1978 as a national manufacturer and distribution of Sun protection...

Vanrohe Architectural Products
Vanrohe is a manufacturer of glass railings and stainless steel railing components since 2005.

Innovators - A Look Back


François Catroux  
1936 - 2020
“I believe much more in spontaneity. I hate the word taste—it is easy to get from magazines. More important than taste is flair.”


François Catroux “did things that were truly modernistic before anybody else did,” the Marquise de Ravenel told Vanity Fair a few years ago about the French interior decorator and AD100 Hall of Fame honoree, who... more


Jerry Snyder
1930- 2020
“He was one of the last iconic builders of his generation”


A prolific Los Angeles developer who built thousands of homes and millions of square feet of commercial buildings in a 70-year career. more

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