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Building Skins Evolve

Henning Larsen's university building

Intelligent Building Skin

Intelligent Skin basically for adaptation of building to climate. Henning Larsen's university building has a fa- cade that moves in response to changing heat + light.

The triangular motif of the facade's perforated metal sunshade, which includes 1,600 panels... more


Movable Solar Skin

A ‘smart’ building facade equipped with movable solar panels could substantially improve the energy efficiency of urban apartment and office buildings. Solar panels are being installed on a growing number of vertical surfaces, especially on the facades of tall, glass-clad urban buildings. But, in general, such installations cannot adjust to changing weather and light... more

Solar Shell Prototype



Solar Voltaic Skin & Solar Farms

There are now several exciting new solar panel technologies either in the pipeline or already on the market. These promising technologies will revolutionize the way we think about not just solar, but energy production in general. Solar no longer requires large

parcels of land or roof space, nor does it need to look boring. Silicon panels are becoming cheaper and more efficient day-by-day. According to experts, if photo- voltaic panels are placed on reservoirs and other water bodies, they offer even greater efficiency as well as a plethora of other benefits. more


New Product Showcase

Leading the way in manufacturing innovative and environmentally conscience pavers.
American Bicycle Security
Premier Manufacture of Bicycle Lockers and supplier of related equipment.

Austin Mohawk
Austin Mohawk has spent more than 80 years building superior quality prefabricated structures.
BK Barrit
BK Barrit is a Philadelphia manufacturer of excellent quality seating and tables.
Capri Collections
We offer an array of recycled rubber, rubber cork blends, gluedown and floating cork.

Cresset Chemical
Cresset is the most recommended release agent manufacturer in the country!
Davis Colors
Davis Colors is the leading U.S. producer of mix-in color

Elderhorst Bells
Manufactures and provides Exterior Clock equipment and controls, church bells, and bell…
Flannery is the premier manufacturer of Specialty Aluminum Trims

GTI Plantscaping
Providing exciting containers & horticulture solutions for the Interior/Exterior Landscape, Interior Design

Petersen Manufacturing                        
Nationally recognized leader in the production of high-quality precast concrete site amenities.

Pliteq is an engineering company and global innovator in recycled rubber building products

Leading manufacturer of fire rated glass and framing systems, and the preferred choice of architects...

Stainless Structurals America
Global producer and supplier of stainless steel structural shapes and special custom profiles.

Tiger Foam
Leader in the insulation industry, providing spray foam insulation, supplies and accessories to homeowners...

Innovators - A Look Back


Paulo Mendes da Rocha  
1928 - 2021
“There is no doubt that the raw materials he uses in achieving monumental results have had influences the world over”


Estádio Serra Dourada in Sao Paulo

Described as a "role model" for architects, Mendes da Rocha was the recipient of many of architecture's highest accolades. He was globally recognised as a major architect of the 20th century, despite rarely building outside his native Brazil. more Digest


Charles Cassell
1924- 2021
"We put pressure on the government ... and we were successful”




Part of a family of history-making architects, Cassell helped shape the University of the District of Columbia campus and advocated for Black designers and D.C. statehood. more

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