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High-Density Housing

“This is high-density housing at its very best, demonstrating that volume house-builders can deliver high-quality architecture while improving their own bottom line.” – RIBA Stirling Prize Judges ABA’s twelve unit apartment building is the ‘turning point’ at the central green of the 400-unit master plan.

ABA’s initial instinct was that the building should be crystalline, a shimmering apparition among... more


A lesson in long-termism

The Pinnacle, an example of more recent, high-quality public housing in Singapore

The differences between the approaches in the UK and Singapore are extreme. In the UK, council housing is considered to be a public sector cost – a burden to the taxpayer. For many people this is housing provision of last resort. In Singapore it is treated as an asset to the public purse, as well as a social asset – and carries no stigma, nor is seen as something to be avoid... more

The Interlace apartments, Singapore, by OMA/Ole Scheeren.


Low Rise - High Density Housing
From Architizer

As cities around the world struggle with solutions to the housing shortage that faces many communities, one urban building typology has been floated for decades

that might increase housing units without reducing quality of life: low-rise, high-density. Emerging in the 1960s and 70s as an antidote to the severe... more

New Product Showcase

Produce state of the art commercial heavy duty skylights & glazing solutions.
Advanced Materials for Building, Transport and Industry Applications

Beach Sheet Metal
We fabricate a beautiful line of copper dormers, cupolas, finials, chimney caps, conductors, vent-hoods
Bison Innovative Products
Manufactures pedestal system decking solutions for creating outdoor spaces in a variety of applications.
Ex-Cel Kaiser
Manufacturer of unique, high-quality, steel waste & recycling receptacles. Made in the USA since 1933.

Florence Corporation
Superior quality mailboxes and accessories for centralized distribution and collection of mail.
Inline Design
Design and fabrication firm specializing in stainless steel railing and handrail.

MPC - Silent Wall Acoustic Products
Producing acoustical products to fit the market.
Schweiss Doors Flannery
We manufacture and install low maintenance custom one piece hydraulic doors that lift up and out

Terrazzo & Marble Supply
One of the country’s elite suppliers and distributors of the most beautiful stone and terrazzo.

North America’s oldest interlocking concrete paver producer association.

Universal Time Co.                        
Produces outdoor and interior architectural clocks using the world’s finest, most accurate and reliable Swiss...

Vitrosca Goldbrecht
The proven and tested minimal profile sliding system - nothing else compares.

Viva Railings
VIVA Railings offers total railing solutions, from design & engineering to fabrication & installation.

Warwick Products
Serving our customers for over 70 years with high attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.

Innovators - A Look Back


Richard Altuna  
1950 - 2021
He was "generous to a fault, fun loving, food lover, avid movie goer, book, toy, and tennis shoe collector"


Richard Altuna, who stealthily shaped the consumer landscape for upwardly mobile families for decades, including The Gap, Pottery Barn, Origins, Patagonia, William Sonoma, Restoration Hardware. Altuna designed the prototypes for a certain kind of store, one that infused shoppers with a sense of — there's no other way to put this — bourgeoise well-being. more


Rupert Neve
1926- 2021
Hip-hop engineer Gimel Keaton, known as Young Guru, tweeted: “Please understand that this man was one of a kind. There is nothing close to him in the engineering world. RIP to the KING!!!”




His revolutionary consoles like the Neve 8028 (not shown here) had a huge impact on the music industry. His equipment became the industry standard and influenced the sound of groups like Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, the Grateful Dead, Santana, Chicago and the Who. more


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