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Timber Modular Housing Pods
as Student Village

Comprised of timber modular-housing pods - which were all made of cross-laminate timber (CLT) in a factory for rapid on-site assembly, the new housing draws attention to a unique typology in student accommodation. The project breaks ground in the

design, masterplanning and precision engineering of truly modular prefabricated building technologies for rapid construction. more


Modular Affordable Housing

The characteristic checkered pattern of Dortheavej is based on a singular prefab structure. Conceived as a porous wall, the building gently curves in the center, creating space for a public plaza towards the street on the south side and an intimate green courtyard towards the north. On the street level, the building opens up to allow the residents and general public to pass seamlessly into the courtyard. more



Taking advantage of the stalled Filene’s construction site at Downtown Crossing, Eco‐Pod is a proposal to immediately stimulate the economy, and the ecology, of downtown Boston. Eco‐Pod (Gen1) is a temporary

temporary vertical algae bio‐reactor and new public Commons, built with custom prefabricated modules. The pods will serve as bio‐fuel sources and as micro‐incubators for flexible research and development programs. As an open and reconfigurable structure, the voids between pods form a network of... more

New Product Showcase

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Architectural and High Security Bollards.
Accuride ball bearing drawer slides and linear track systems bring smooth and durable movement.

Leading manufacturer of metal composite materials.
Barnett Bates
Providing Customized Screening and Grating Solutions.
DKS Doorking
DKS DoorKing is the leader in access control systems.

Direct ship manufacturer providing environmentally-safe penetrating sealers, cleaners and coatings.
Ex-Cel Kaiser
Manufacturer of unique, high-quality, steel waste & recycling receptacles. Made in the USA since 1933.

Fox Blocks
Our insulated concrete forms are precision manufactured, double-insulated and steel-reinforced...
Fyre-Tec's line of steel window products have been developed and enhanced for over 50 years...

Gold Coast Metal Works
Each finished piece is a unique and original work and will look beautiful for centuries.

Builds and markets a complete line of distinct, durable, contemporary commercial furniture to meet or exceed...

Hadrian Manufacturing Inc. is a worldwide supplier of quality toilet partition and locker products.

Madrax products offer you creative, innovative bike parking solutions to meet your clients’ needs.
Parasoleil creates architectural panels with exclusive patterns that provide a combination...

Planter Unlimited
Planters Unlimited specializes in commercial landscape products for architects, landscape architects...

Recycled Plastic Treegrates
Masterful Acoustics For Vibrant, Functional Spaces
We have designed the highest quality of aluminum fencing products.
Stuc-O-Flex created America's first Breathable Elastomeric
Thomas Steele
Thomas Steele products offer you creative, innovative, site furnishing solutions to meet your clients’ needs.
State-of-the-art, easy-to-install, attractive and functional architectural glass systems.

Innovators - A Look Back


Owen Luder  
1927 - 2021
"We never set out to design Brutalist buildings. We designed them in concrete because that's what was there."



British architect behind brutalist buildings including the Trinity Square car park and Tricorn Centre. Characterised by exposed concrete, sculptural forms and minimal decoration, many of these structures proved controversial and have... more



Ken Garland
1928- 2021
"Those who worked with me between 1962 and 2009 have always been designers designing – no secretaries, no typists, no donkey-workers"



The graphic designer best known for redesigning CND's peace symbol, The graphic designer set up his own company, Ken Garland & Associates, in 1962. Among its work were designs for the Campaign for Nuclear... more


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