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President Biden's $2 Trillion
Infrastructure Proposal

Highway intersection in Miami

An ambitious infrastructure proposal that, if enacted, would overhaul how Americans get from Point A to Point B, how their electricity is generated, the speed of their Internet connections, the quality of their water and the physical makeup of their children's schools.

Boosting the electric vehicle market.

The measure, called the American Jobs Plan, includes big infrastructure fixes that both major parties — as well as a majority of Americans — consistently say... more


Infrastructure: The Key to the
China Challenge

S  Shanghai interchange

China has been recognized by Washington as the major rival to the United States in nearly every field. However, this isn’t the first time an Asian country has posed a threat to America’s economic dominance. In the mid-1980s, Japan built up a massive trade surplus with the United States, igniting a fierce backlash from both Republicans and Demsocrats over how it acquired US technology — often by theft, according to US officials — and how Tokyo... more


Biggest Challenge: Waste Management Infrastructure

“There has been a global epiphany about future thinking,” says Dr Amy Zalman. “I cannot imagine that it is satisfying for a futurist today to merely present a scenario of what the world will look like tomorrow.

Amy Zalman, CEO and president of the World Future Society

The subject or object of what we do is the future. But our actions are in the present.” Zalman calls this ‘now futurism’ and the need for it, according to the new CEO and president of the World... more WM

Fukushima radioactive waste

New Product Showcase

Archatrak is a national supplier of porcelain pavers, Ipe wood tiles, pedestal support systems planters...
Cast-In-Place ARCHITECTURAL CONCRETE BASES - The progressive choice of building industry...

ATI laminates
ATI Decorative Laminates is a leading manufacturer of decorative laminates.
Austin Mohawk
Austin Mohawk has spent more than 80 years building superior quality prefabricated structures.
DeepStream Designs
Sustainably designed Garden Planters,Garden Gates, Garden Bench, Trash Bins and Recyclers..

Designed Security
We offer a complete line of Turnstiles, Tailgate/ Piggybacking Detection Systems and Door Alarm...
We have incorporated every aspect of hardware quality into our product lines.

EuroStar Fenestration
Your source for European Tilt Turn Windows and Doors.
Grandoor Frames
Specialty & Fire Rated Wood Door Frames. Customizable. Affordable. Readily Available.

Infinity Canopy
The most dynamic and versatile retractable canopy in the world!

Major Industries                        
MAJOR INDUSTRIES creates custom skylights and translucent wall systems for every design and budget.

Metal Design Systems                        
The leading Aluminum Composite and Metal Composite panel fabricators in North America. 

We are proud to design for this unique setting, and we can influence everybody’s taste.
We provide seamless and durable sound absorbing wall and ceiling treatments for architectural design.

Renaissance Fireplace
We manufacture high end prefab fireplaces + chimneys.

Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors
Schweiss is the go-to door professional. We manufacture and install low maintenance custom...
Stainless Structurals America
A global producer and supplier of stainless steel structural shapes and special custom profiles.
Committed to making windows and doors the best way we know how- by putting the wants of our customers...

Innovators - A Look Back


Richard Schultz  
1925 - 2021
 Schultz wrote in “Form Follows Technique: A Design Manifesto.”



Designer Who Made the Outdoors Modern- the ingenious industrial designer whose furniture collections for Knoll, the design laboratory that streamlined American... more montco



John Stillman
1919- 2021
"People without children liked
living high up."




Stoke Newington school

Architect of public sectossr housing, schools and universities whose work exuded calmness... more hackney


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