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The New Childrens School

Farrow Partners Architects

Forest of the Mind

“When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength,” wrote Maria Montessori in her treatise on children’s education, The Discovery of the Child. That guiding idea is at work in architect Tye Farrow’s new addition for the Toronto Montessori School, an independent school in Richmond Hill,


north of downtown. But it’s inside, rather than outside, that Farrow’s interest in nature truly takes form. How can architecture go beyond the biophilic... more


Canopies in the Forest

Gradolí & Sanz Arquitectes

The school projected by Gradolí & Sanz Arquitectes eliminates the traditional classrooms with tables and blackboards to create a series of classrooms that the student decides or not to enter according to their concerns or needs.Also, each classroom has a covered outdoor terrace and a small amphitheater that is, at the same time, a space for meetings, games and work. The building generates two exterior patios that maintain the natural characteristics of the adjacent area and do not become... more



Fluid And Playful Spaces 

The design of the school helps not only to clarify routes but also to work towards achieving energy performance targets. The curved shapes contrast with the

Dominique Coulon & Associés

regularity of the classrooms and lend emphasis to special moments in the days such as going to the library and letting off steam in the playroom. The project requalifies the public forecourt, making it secure and dividing it into a number of sequences by means of a low boundary wall, a single ramp, and two sets of wide steps. This arrangement directs the children towards two separate entrances, one for the nursery school, and one for the elementary school The ground-floor spaces, including the halls, have been rearranged as... more


New Product Showcase

Manufacturer and installer of maintenance-free metal reinforced thermoplastic and powder coated aluminum railing.
Barnet Bates
We have been providing architectural screening and grating solutions for over 90 years.

Citadel Arch Products
We have accumulated over 40 years of industry experience in lamination technology.
CSI Architectural Metal
America's premier fabricator of roof & wall metal systems made of aluminum, copper, stainless steel...
Excel Dryer
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Lattice Sticks
Traditional lattice adds a wonderful visual layer of pattern to any space.

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Premier Building Systems
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Safety Rail Company
Safety Handrail & Railing Solutions - Smarter. Better. Easier.

St Cloud Window                        
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Innovators - A Look Back


Richard Rogers  
1933 - 2021
“We are witnessing technological developments that, if creatively exploited, could give our cities a new lease of life, making them greener, more sociable, more beautiful”



Pompidou Centre, Paris

Rogers burst into public view in 1972 when work began on the Pompidou Center in Paris, a futuristic block of scaffolding-like metal pipes and glass walls that he designed with another young... more dezeen LA Times



Eberhard Zeidler
1926- 2022
"Throughout the 1970s and ’80s, Zeidler was everywhere. Informed by Archigram and the paper architecture movement, his early major projects translated the avant-garde optimism of high-tech futurism into built form. "




Ontario Place, Toronto

Zeidler gradually developed a portfolio of Bauhaus-inspired design. The early commissions included a pair of churches, a hockey rink and a handful of public buildings that together brought an elegant dose of modernist refinement to 1950s Ontario. more


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