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Dining Experience Revisited


Society is currently engaged in a host of debates around food and how we consume it. Food provenance, ethical production, environmental damage, labour exploitation and whether the chef voted to leave or

5.8 Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

remain are all informing our decisions about how and where we eat. So in 25 years’ time, what will ‘dining out’ look like? Will the word.. more Fun Dining


The new Noma:
Copenhagen’s best

The old Noma was named the best restaurant in the world for four years, now Danish super chef René Redzepi has created a new Noma. Through the stripped-back door, we're immediately greeted by several staffers, including Redzepi himself, before being led into the dining hall. It's airy and organic and feels as though we've stumbled into a revamped... more

By BIG Architects


Where the Restaurant Industry Stands

As the industry navigates its way through the worst pandemic in generations, restaurant operators face ever-changing conditions that challenge their businesses. The 2022 State of the Restaurant

Industry report offers current data and identifies developing trends that are critical to the industry’s success in the coming year. The report shows how the pandemic is reshaping the industry’s sales, operations, workforce, menus and use of... more Restaurant

New Product Showcase

Air Concepts
Manufactures high quality, unique air distribution products, diffusers, louvers, nozzles and registers...
Advanced Materials for Building, Transport and Industry Applications

Crystal Structures
Our extensive experience in commercial skylights and glass structures gives us the expertise and clarity...
CycleSafe has set the standard for secure bike parking products.
Designed Security
Offers a complete line of Turnstiles, Tailgate/ Piggybacking Detection Systems and Door Alarms...
Pioneered industry leading-leading cable rail systems and other architectural and rigging products.

Hunter Douglas Hospitality
The world’s leading manufacturer of window coverings and a major manufacturer of architectural products.

King Arch Metals
A leading national ornamental and architectural metal supply house.
Madrax products offer you creative, innovative bike parking solutions to meet your clients’ needs.

Outdoor Floor System
DexSystems® Outdoor Floor Systems™ is a decking technology company making great decks.

Pacific Lock + Load                        
Retaining Wall products covering the Western U.S. and Northern Mexico.

Renaissance Fireplaces                        
We manufacture high end prefab fireplaces + chimneys.

Specializing in modern & contemporary stair designs.

Thomas Steele
Thomas Steele products offer you creative, innovative, site furnishing solutions to meet your clients’ needs.

TuffSkin Surface Protection solves the marble etching and staining challenges in the stone industry.

Innovators - A Look Back


Marcus Fairs  
1967 - 2022
“If you want to be seen you have to be on Dezeen”


Marcus Fairs, who has died suddenly at the age of 54, was a product of the former culture and a pioneer of the latter. Dezeen, which he founded in 2006, is almost certainly the most popular design website in the...more



Harry Gesner
1924- 2022
"I do wish people would not insist that something looks like something else, but they do"



Harry Gesner, the dashing, surf-loving architect whose soaring designs celebrated California’s dramatic landscape in houses that straddled canyons, perched over beaches and cantilevered from cliffs,  more


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