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Metals, Wood, Plastics and Thermal / Mosture Protection

The Metal Construction
Association Awards

Calgary Public Library, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Architects: Snøhetta, New York City. DIALOG, Calgary

The library makes a striking first impression, the exterior having an extremely irregular, geometric glass wall grid designed... more from


Will 2020 Be the Year of Wood?  

The residential housing market has long been one of the main drivers of demand for wood products. However, that's beginning to change as developers seek out more environmentally friendly...  more from


New Solar Roofing Shingles

Dow POWERHOUSE solar shingle

Solar is more popular than ever, but some homeowners can be concerned about the look of a solar panel installation on the roof of their home. Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), and more specifically, solar shingle and tile technology, are intended to fix. 
more from

Featured Companies

9Wood                                               View Website
Springfield, OR                                Request Catalog
9Wood’s custom wood ceilings offer an expansive palette of options to designers.

Abrams Architectural Products          View Website
Austell, GA                                     Request Catalog
Distributor, fabricator, and installer of architectural metals in the Southeastern United States.
Accuride International                       View Website
Santa Fe Springs,CA                       Request Catalog
Trusted by specifiers, designers, and manufacturers world wide.
Air Vent                                             View Website
Dallas,TX                                        Request Catalog
The Leader in manufacturing of attic ventilation.

Alcotex                                               View Website
London, ON                                     Request Catalog
The Premier Choice for Aluminum Composite Material.

ALPOLIC® - Mitsubishi Plastics          View Website
Chesapeake, VA                              Request Catalog
Leading manufacturer of metal composite materials.

Alucoil North America                        View Website
Manning, SC                                   Request Catalog
Advanced Materials for Building, Transport and Industry Applications.

AlumiRamp                                       View Website
Quincy, MI                                     Request Catalog
As one of the world's leading manufacturers of wheelchair ramps, AlumiRamp designs...
Appian Way Systems                         View Website
Seattle, WA                                    Request Catalog
The AWS™ Pedestal System is an interlocking pedestal support used to level pavers and other...
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Arkè                                                   View Website
Newnan, GA                                   Request Catalog
Arkè is the U.S. based subsidiary of Italian spiral stair company Fontanot SPA.
AZEK Building Products                     View Website
Scranton, PA                                  Request Catalog
AZEK manufactures PVC products including Trim, Mouldings, Deck, Porch, Railing, and Pavers.

BamCore                                           View Website
Windsor, CA                                   Request Catalog
BamCore LLC is a next-generation building technology company that manufactures bamboo-based...
Barrett Company                               View Website
Millington, NJ                                  Request Catalog
With over seventy years of diverse waterproofing and roofing applications Barrett has acquired and...

Bartile                                               View Website
Centerville, UT                                Request Catalog
Bartile Roofs, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary tile roofing

Beach Sheet Metal                            View Website
Sunnyvale, TX                                 Request Catalog
We fabricate a beautiful line of copper dormers, cupolas, finials, chimney caps, conductors, vent...

Boral Roofing                                     View Website
Irvine, CA                                        Request Catalog
Boral Roofing is the source for Clay and Concrete Tile roofing.

Boral Steel                                        View Website
Irvine, CA                                       Request Catalog
For the highest level of aesthetics and durability, look to Boral Steel roofing.

BuyRailings                                        View Website
Brookfield, CT                                  Request Catalog is the #1 best seller of decorative railings in the USA!

Buzon Pedestals                                View Website
Herstal-Belgium, BEL                      Request Catalog
Our complete line of screwjack pedestals are suited for both large scale projects and small installations.

Carter Millwork                                  View Website
Linwood, NC                                   Request Catalog
We satisfy the demand with quality assured flexible moulding. 

Ceraclad - KMEW                               View Website
Redmond, WA                                Request Catalog
It's flaghsip Ceramic Coating provides unmatched performance and color stability for a long-lasting...
Ceramitex                                          View Website
London, ON                                    Request Catalog
Ceramitex by Elemex is a North American code compliant facade system for commercial exteriors...

Citadel Architectural Products           View Website
Indianapolis, IN                                Request Catalog
Our exterior panel systems are available in a wide range of standard and premium colors.
CSI Architectural Metal                      View Website
Carson, CA                                     Request Catalog
Offering 15 profiles of metal wall panels and metal roofing panels.
DECRA Roofing Systems                   View Website
Corona, CA                                  Request Catalog
DECRA stone coated Metal panels offer a sustainable alternative to traditional roofing products.

Dex-o-Tex                                          View Website
Rancho Dominguez, CA                   Request Catalog
Dex-O-Tex Product Line, by Crossfield Products Corp. is the design professional's first choice for surfacing...
DLSS Manufacturing                          View Website
Pittsboro, NC                                  Request Catalog
DLSS Manufacturing is a high end provider of architectural sheet metal finishes.

Dri-Design                                          View Website
Holland, MI                                     Request Catalog
Through research and real life experience in the metal panel industry, Dri-Design was invented to solve...
EcoStar                                              View Website
Miami, FL                                       Request Catalog
Consisting of up to 80% recycled rubber and plastic materials, EcoStar is the leading manufacturer of...

Eco-Wares                                          View Website
W. Melbourne, FL                            Request Catalog
Direct ship manufacturer providing environmentally-safe penetrating sealers, cleaners and coatings.

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EeStairs America                               View Website
Brantford, ON                                  Request Catalog
EeStairs is a modern custom staircase manufacturer. We set ourselves apart with our expertise in design...
Fenney                                              View Website
Oakland, CA                                   Request Catalog
Feeney has pioneered industry leading cable rail systems and other architectural and rigging products.

FinPan                                               View Website
Hamilton, OH                                  Request Catalog
FinPan, Inc. is the world’s oldest process manufacturer of concrete backer board and inventor of the...
GAF                                                    View Website
Parsippany, NJ                                Request Catalog
GAF is the largest roofing manufacturer in North America.

Garden On The Wall                          View Website
Livingston, NJ                                  Request Catalog
Garden on the Wall is an award-winning provider of turn-key, Maintenance-free Garden Installations.
GKD-USA                                            View Website
Cambridge, MD                               Request Catalog
Leading full service provider and innovator of architectural metal fabric.
GreenScreen                                     View Website
Los Angeles, CA                             Request Catalog
greenscreen® is a three-dimensional modular trellis system providing you with endless combinations for...
GSky                                                  View Website
Delray Beach, FL                            Request Catalog
GSky® Plant Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of vertical Living Green Walls in North America...

Heather & Little                                 View Website
Markham, ON                                Request Catalog
Recognized as a premier fabricator of custom ornamental sheet metal and historic sheet metal...

Hendrick MFG                                    View Website
Carbondale, PA                               Request Catalog
Rare aesthetics. Environmentally responsible materials. Dynamic performance & energy efficiency.

Inline Design                                 View Website
Seattle, WA                                   Request Catalog
We provide pre-drilled stainless steel cable, glass & bar railing systems for builders, interior designers…

Inspire by Boral                                 View Website
Irvine, CA                                       Request Catalog
Inspire offers the industry’s widest color palette...

ITW Insulation Systems                     View Website
Houston, TX                                    Request Catalog
ITW Insulation Systems is recognized as a leader in metal jacketing and foam insulation.

Jacaranda                                         View Website
Miami, FL                                       Request Catalog
Jacaranda, Inc. has been offering the original "green" building product for more than 30 years: wood.
Kanalco                                             View Website
Bowmanville, ON                             Request Catalog
Kanalco LTD. is one of the leading aluminum fabricators in North America.

King Architectural Metals                  View Website
Dallas, TX                                       Request Catalog
King Architectural Metals is a leading national ornamental and architectural metal supply house.

Lamboo Technologies                       View Website
Litchfield, IL                                    Request Catalog
Lamboo Technologies is the world leading bio-based materials company that specializes...

Lavi Industries                                   View Website
Valencia, CA                                  Request Catalog
As an architect, designer, or contractor, your vision for a space is clear, high-end, and specific.

Ludowici Tile                                    View Website
New Lexington, OH                         Request Catalog
Ludowici clay roof tile has been renowned by architects for its beauty and durability and has been in...
McCarty Domes                                  View Website
Tucson, AZ                                     Request Catalog
Manufacturing fully engineered building component that withstands the scrutiny of any juristication.

McCoy Millwork                                 View Website
Portland, OR                                   Request Catalog
finish materials, stairs & railings, moulding, mantels, columns & lumber.
Metal Design Systems                        View Website
Cedar Rapids, IA                             Request Catalog
Metal Design Systems is one of the leading Aluminum Composite and Metal Composite panel fabricators...

Morin                                                  View Website
Bristol, CT                                       Request Catalog
MORIN is the industry's most versatile manufacturers of single element metal wall and roof panel systems.

Moz Designs                                      View Website
Oakland, CA                                   Request Catalog
Móz Metals and Architectural Products designs and fabricates contemporary metal products in Oakland...
OHC                                                   View Website
Mobile, AL                                      Request Catalog
Overseas Hardwoods Company "OHC" has sold millions upon millions of boardfeet of the finest...
Overly Manufacturing                         View Website
Greensburg, PA                               Request Catalog
We are a world leader in the design and fabrication of superior custom architectural metal systems.

Pacific MDF                                        View Website
Rocklin, CA                                     Request Catalog
leading manufacturers of interior MDF mouldings in North America.

Parasoleil                                          View Website
Westminster, CO                            Request Catalog
We create architectural panels with exclusive patterns that provide a combination of shade, privacy and...

PatinaNOW                                        View Website
Hinsdale, IL                                     Request Catalog
“25 years in 24 hours” “Perfectly imperfect”

Pinnacle Shingle Panel                     View Website
Chemainus, BC                               Request Catalog
An exterior wall siding system that combines the legendary appearance and durability of traditional...

Pioneer Millworks                              View Website
Farmington, NY                               Request Catalog
leader in reclaimed and sustainable wood.
Planted Design                                  View Website
Emeryville, CA                                Request Catalog
Planted Design is a full-service firm focused on creating beautiful, functional designs using plants and moss...

Pliteq                                                 View Website
Vaughan, ON                                  Request Catalog
Pliteq is an engineering firm dedicated to the design and manufacturing of sound isolation systems for...

Pohl of America                                 View Website
West Valley City, UT                       Request Catalog
Pohl is committed to providing the means through which imaginative architecture and design can...

Pollmeier                                           View Website
Portland, OR                                   Request Catalog
Quality wood products with sustainability...

Proof Industries                                  View Website
Farmingdale, NY                              Request Catalog
Proof Industries is the home of Preassembled Copper and Aluminum roofs for Bay and Bow Windows.
Putnam Rolling Ladder                     View Website
New York, NY                                 Request Catalog
Putnam Rolling Ladder manufactures custom rolling ladders for libraries, commercial, and residential use.

QC Facades                                       View Website
Salt Lake City, UT                           Request Catalog
The introduction of the QC QuadroClad Metal and QC Glass systems quickly became a premier AE solution.

Quality Metalcrafts/Americlad           View Website
Rogers, MN                                   Request Catalog
A nationally recognized Architectural Metal Fabricator that has distinguished itself as an industry leader...
Roseburg Forest Products                  View Website
Springfield, OR                                Request Catalog
Our products include engineered wood, lumber, softwood plywood, composite and hardwood.
Rusoh                                                View Website
Eau Claire, WI                                Request Catalog
Rusoh is dedicated to revolutionizing the fire extinguisher industry with innovative, quality products

Safety Rail Company                         View Website
Spring Park, MN                              Request Catalog
Safety Rail Company makes OSHA-compliant fall protection safety railings and guard rail systems that...
Salice America                                  View Website
Charlotte, NC                                  Request Catalog
Salice America is today one of the leaders in the supply of components to U.S. kitchen cabinet...

Stainless Structurals America            View Website
Conroe, TX                                      Request Catalog
Stainless Structurals is a global producer and supplier of stainless steel structural shapes and special...
Stuc-O-Flex                                        View Website
Redmond, WA                                 Request Catalog
Stuc-O-Flex created America’s first Breathable Elastomeric Acrylic Finish back in 1981.
Tamlyn                                              View Website
Stafford, TX                                     Request Catalog
TAMLYN is a family-owned company with 45+ years of involvement in construction materials…
The Cable Connection                       View Website
Carson City, NV                              Request Catalog
The Cable Connection is the manufacturer of Ultra-tec® cable railing infill which is designed to provide a safe...

The Murus Company                         View Website
Mansfield, PA                                 Request Catalog
Murus engineers its structural insulated panels (SIPs) to provide superior strength and...
Tiger Foam                                        View Website
Spring Lake, NJ                               Request Catalog
Tiger Foam Insulation™ quick curing, recyclable, two-component spray polyurethane foam insulation...

Timbertech                                         View Website
Wilmington, OH                               Request Catalog
TimberTech offers a complete line of low maintenance outdoor building products that are durable and....
Tropical Roofing                                View Website
Hallandale, FL                                 Request Catalog
Tropical Roofing Products is a national manufacturer of roofing materials that repair, restore, and...

Underlayment Specialties Plus          View Website
Harleysville, PA                               Request Catalog
Provides the Building Industry with innovative and superior Performance and Safety-based Underlayment.
Vanrohe Architectural Products         View Website
Mississauga, ON                             Request Catalog
Vanrohe is a manufacturer of glass railings and stainless steel railing components.
Varco Pruden                                     View Website
Memphis, TN                                   Request Catalog
VP buildings is a world leader in pre-engineered metal buildings & steel systems construction.

Versatex Trimboard                           View Website
Aliquippa, PA                                  Request Catalog
we’re totally dedicated to cellular PVC trim and we’re leaders in innovation, quality and technical...
Wagner Architectural Systems           View Website
Milwaukee, WI                                 Request Catalog
Wagner Architectural Systems is a leading global supplier of architectural railing systems, custom...

Western Colloid Products                  View Website
Los Angeles, CA                             Request Catalog
Western Colloid is a leader in Fluid Applied Roofing, Reflective Coating Systems and Premium Asphalt...

Westile Roofing Products                  View Website
Atlanta, GA                                    Request Catalog
Since 1981, Westile has manufactured quality roofing materials.

Woodgrain Millwork                          View Website
Fruitland, ID                                    Request Catalog
Woodgrain manufactures and distributes high-quality lumber products such as moulding, doors and...

Woodtone                                          View Website
Chilliwack, BC                                 Request Catalog
A high quality producer of a broad line of pre-finished building products for multi-family, commercial and...

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