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New and greater requirements continue to be placed upon outdoor lighting. Every aspect of fixture design and performance is challenged by today's demands. The need for highly efficient and uniform lighting to meet increasing safety and liability requirements continues to grow. The spread of strict ordinances against light trespass and sky-glow is of major importance as are the tight restrictions placed upon energy usage. Add to these provisions the need for aesthetic fixture designs styled to meet the demands of the designer.

Product Categories:
16050 Electrical Materials + Methods
16500 Lighting
16501 Commercial, Industrial + Institutional
16515 Low-Voltage Lighting
16520 Exterior Lighting
16521 Exterior Building Lighting
16523 Street + Parking Lot Lighting
16550 Special Purpose Lighting

Commercial + Residential

Aktra 1000 Floodlight
AL2 - Spectra II Area Luminaire - 14" Housing
ConcelAire CF Series
Bi-Level (MSKS)
Brands / Products:
AL2 - Spectra II Area Luminaire - 14" Housing AL3 - Spectra III Area Luminaire - 18" Housing AL4 - Spectra IV Area Luminaire - 23" Housing EAL Series - Effex Area Luminaires - 13, 19 (EAL) EWL Series - Effex Wall Luminaires (EWL) Excel-Lyte 1000 and 400 (XL) Remote Outdoor Ballasts (Ballast ROB) Spectra Ten (S10) Spectra-Lyte - Round (RSP) Spectra-Lyte - Square (SP) Supra-Lyte - Round - 33.5 inch dia. (RSL) Supra-Lyte - Round Mini - 20 inch dia. (RMSL) Supra-Lyte - Square - 24 and 30 inch (SL) Supra-Lyte - Square Mini - 17 inch (MSL, Comfort Bay Acrylics (CB1) EWL Series - Effex Wall Luminaires (EWL Indoor) FreezerLyte (WLLP) IL XTREME Comfort Bay (ILXCB) IL XTREME Hydroformed High Bay (ILXHHB) IL XTREME Low Bay (ILXLB) IL XTREME Precision High Bay (ILXPHB) IL XTREME Soft Bay (ILXSB) IL XTREME Vertic'Aisle (ILXVA) ILX Dual Lamp Series (ILX) Low Bay III (LB3) Performer Acrylic High Bay Open/Encl. (PFAHBO/E) Performer Acrylic High Bay-19 (PAHB19) Performer Comfort Bay (PFCB) Performer Glass High Bay Enclosed (PFGE) Performer Glass High Bay Open (PFGO) Performer High Bay Open & Enclosed (PF) Performer Low Bay (PFLB) Performer Vertic'Aisle (PFVA) Remote Indoor Ballasts - (BLTL Indoor) Spectra V Series II - SS2 and SR2 (SV) Spectra V Series IV (SR4) Stepped High Bay (SHB) WarehouseLyter .

New Products:
Performer Linear Fluorescent High Bay, (PFLF)IFX Series - Industrial EFX Floodlight (IFX) Options and Accessories - Floodlighting Remote Outdoor Ballasts (ROB) Tite-Lite (TL)


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