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B-K Lighting
40429 Brickyard Drive
Madera, CA 93636-9515

Tel : 559.438.5800
Fax: 559.438.5900

Nathan Sloan, President & CEO

Since 1984, B-K Lighting has been dedicated to providing the lighting industry with the highest quality, most innovative, and fairly priced lighting fixtures available. Based in Madera, California, our proudly ‘Made in the USA’ products are machined with the latest in computer-controlled equipment in materials ranging from copper-free aluminum, brass and stainless steel, all adhering to our exacting standards. Now 100% employee-owned and operated, Quality, Service, Innovation and Value all add up to make B-K Lighting the number one choice in architectural and landscape lighting.

Product Categories:
16222 LED Lighting
16500 Lighting
16501 Commercial, Industrial + Institutional
16515 Low-Voltage Lighting
16520 Exterior Lighting
16521 Exterior Building Lighting
16522 Landscape & Garden Lighting
16550 Special Purpose Lighting

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
B-K Lighting products are sold through its worldwide network of sales representatives. To find the sales representative nearest you, click the link below:
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Green Green Products
Brookfield Place - Custom Metal Halide Tenaya2™ In-Grade Fixtures (TY2)
Hall Winery - Solid State Staff Star™ Style C (SF-C)
Ravenswood - Exquisite Camino Star™ Series in an outdoor kitchen (CS)
Steinbeck Monument – Featuring Denali Series™ & Mini-Micro™ Floodlights (DE, MM)
Duke Quiet Room – Custom Micro-Nite Star™ downlights promote serene moods. (SM-MN)
Utah State Performing Arts Center – HP2 Series™ In-Grade Fixtures (HP2)
Yale Art Gallery – Custom steel HP2 Series™ In-Grade Fixtures (HP2)
Rocky Mountain Hardware – Solid State Sign Star™ Style C (SN-C)
Palm Court Plaza – Custom Palm Tree Ring™ fixtures provide dramatic lighting experiences.
River Bank – Delta Star™ Series add to a warm, inviting ambiance. (DS)
Logan’s Retreat – Louvered Brick Star™ Series fit perfectly within stonework settings. (BQL)
West Sonoma Residence – Camino Star™ Series light a relaxing backyard retreat. (CS)
Brands / Products:
Lighting products for Flood & Accent, Signage, Path & Area, Recessed Ground, Recessed Building, Architectural Surface, Large Format Floodlights, Power Supply Housing, and Custom Applications.
Our Products
TEKA Illumination

New Products:
Receptacle Bollard, Yosemite Series Floodlight featuring BKSSL® Power of ‘X’ Technology, Alpine Series Surface Downlight, Alpine II Series Surface Downlight, Batwing Optic, Alpine Series featuring BKSSL® Power of ‘C’ Color Tuning Technology, Mammoth Series featuring BKSSL® Power of ‘C’ Color Tuning Technology, Denali Series with BKSSL® Power of ‘C’ with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, Nite Star Series with BKSSL® Power of ‘e’ with Adjust-e-Lume® and Inspiration Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, Lite Stick® Style T
Sales Bulletins
B-K Lighting News

Green Statement/Products:
When an existing B-K Lighting or TEKA Illumination product reaches end of life, it can easily be recycled. Just send the product back to us, purchase an equivalent product that uses BKSSL technology, and we will discount the new order by 10%. Reduce landfill inputs, decrease carbon emissions, replenish our resources and improve your client’s bottom line.
Greensource Initiative


TEKA Illumination
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Technical Links:
GreenSource Brochure
Technical Advisory
CEU Links:
Best Practices for Site Preparation and Installation of In-Grade Fixtures
B-K University

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