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Delray Lighting
7545 N. Lockheed Drive
Burbank, CA 91505

Tel : 818.767.3793
Fax: 818.767.3789
Contact: Steve Feig

Delray light fixtures utilize Nichia 757 LED chips, which produce over 180 lumens per watt, at 90 CRI. These LEDs are the industry gold standard for consistent color temperature and rendition.

Delray offers state-of-the-art LED drivers with 0–10V dimming (to less than 1%), may be programmed for custom wattages, and feature power factors greater than 0.98. These drivers provide simple scene control, or can accommodate energy management strategies like daylight harvesting, programmable/addressable switching, and step dimming.

Both decorative and functional, Delray luminaires are available in a wide variety of styles: pendants, chandeliers, tubes and strip lights, as well as semi-recessed downlights. All coordinate well with contemporary architectural elements like polished concrete floors, exposed brick walls and wood rafters/joists, and uncovered electrical, heating, and cooling systems. However, they also work well with clean, minimalist design; available in classic architectural shapes and colors, as well as custom configurations.

Delray utilizes postindustrial and consumer recycled content whenever possible, and complies with the highest State of California fabrication process standards for air and water quality management. Its manufacturing facility exceeds Title 24 building codes.

Located in Burbank, California, Delray has been in business since 1991, and distributes through a nation-wide network of regional sales representatives located in nearly all 50 states and Canada. For additional information, please visit www.delraylighting.com.

Product Categories:
16501 Commercial, Industrial + Institutional
16510 Interior Lighting
16512 Interior Industrial Lighting
16519 Task Lighting
16520 Exterior Lighting



Showrooms / Distributors:
Available throughout the US and Canada
Our Distributors

Green Green Products
Swing/Stick Adjustable LED Strip Lights Direct Light Where Needed
Uno Spiral & Helix Large Scale LED Fixtures For Open Spaces With High Ceilings
Luma 5,000 to 15,00 Lumen LED Pendants Offer a Sleeker Industrial Alternative
Uno (Direct) and Dos (Direct/Indirect) Circular LED Stand-Alone Pendants or Chandeliers Add Visual Interest
Uno (Direct) and Dos (Direct/Indirect) Linear LED Strip Lights Are Perfect Minimalist Designs
Cylindro Large Scale Circular LED Fixtures Provide General Illumination and Task Lighting
Media and Completa Linear LED Fixtures Provide Seamless Runs of Light
Industrial LED Pendants Reinvent Classic Industrial High and Low Bays
Kone3 LED Pendants and Semi-Recessed Downlights Offer Versatility, With Cohesive Design
Aspect LED Decorative Decorative Pendants Offer Several Glass/Metal Options
6300 Series 4-, 6- and 10-Inch Diameter LED Tube Lights Provide Even Illumination, Plus Optional LED Downlight
Brands / Products:
SWING and STICK Adjustable Linear LED Lights. UNO and DOS Circular and Linear LED Lights, INDUSTRIAL LED Low/High Bay Pendants, CYLINDRO Circular LED Pendants, COMPLETA and MEDIA Seamless LED Linear Lights, KONE III LED Pendants, ASPECT LED Pendants, 6300 LED Tube Pendants.
Swing/Stick Adjustable Linear LED
Uno Helix/Spiral Large Scale LED
Luma Industrial LED Pendants

New Products:
SWING and STICK Linear Adjustable LED Lights. LUMA Industrial LED Pendants, UNO Helix and Spiral large scale LED fixtures.
New Products

Green Statement/Products:
The mission of Delray Lighting has always been to create energy efficient, environmentally responsible lighting fixtures, while providing style for today’s dynamic interior designs.
Sustainabilty Statement

Sales Reps
New Products
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