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Unika Vaev by ICF
607 Norwich Avenue
Taftville, CT 06380

Tel : 800.237.1625
Fax: 888.784.8209
Contact: Solveig Eck

Solveig Eck

Unika Vaev ('unique weave' in Danish) was once a small mill in Denmark and was the chief fabric supplier for the ICF Group. Unika Vaev’s quality was apparent from the beginning, evident in the durability and richness of its much-praised heathered and coarse fabrics. In 1975, ICF purchased the name 'Unika Vaev' for its newly organized fabric division. Throughout the ‘80s, the Unika Vaev Collection grew, especially noteworthy for its Archives Collection of 20th Century design masters’ textile designs. The sophisticated color palette of the Collection has been an industry by-word. All new introductions are designed to coordinate with the Collection as a whole with no compromise in variety. Now, as then, the design industry looks forward to new introductions by Unika Vaev as harbingers of new directions.

Product Categories:
09510 Acoustical Ceilings
12050 Fabrics & Textiles

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
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Insight, The Venture Collection, Dorothy Cosonas, Dorothy Cosonas
The Venture Collection
Liebespfeil, Josef Hoffmann, 1904, The Archive Collection
Central Park South, Ruth Adler Schnee, 1953
Sonora, The Resonance II Collection, Dorothy Cosonas
Savoy, The Manor Collection
Villa, Josef Hoffmann, 1908
Odyssea, The Civilization Collection, Dorothy Cosonas
Unika Vaev Fabrics can be Specially Treated with Flame-Retardant, Soil Resistant Finish, Vinyl or Acrylic Backing for Upholstery and/or Wall Application
Custom Fabrics
Biedermeier Stripe, Citron/Steel
Brands / Products:
Upholstery Fabrics including Contemporary Designs + The Archives Collection of 20th Century Masters including Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser, William Morris + Ruth Adler Schnee.

New Products:
The Venture Collection including Insight, Gizmo + Mindscape.

Custom Fabrics Capabilities
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