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908 Old Freeport Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Tel : 412.781.5970
Fax: 412.781.5971
Contact: Joe Nasal

Since its foundation in 1963, Forum, Inc has consistently provided "value added" to its complete family of Compact Fluorescent, Linear Fluorescent and H.I.D. luminaries. Forum, Inc is an independently owned, vertically integrated lighting fixture manufacturer, staffed with skilled engineers, lighting fixture designers and application engineers qualified to answer your questions and provide you with computer generated application data and technical information.

Product Categories:
16501 Commercial, Industrial + Institutional
16510 Interior Lighting
16511 Interior Office + Commercial Lighting
16512 Interior Industrial Lighting
16514 Interior Surface + Track Lighting
16516 Decorative Chandeliers
16519 Task Lighting
16525 Theater, Arena, Stadium, Sports Lighting


Tempo Compact Flourescent, Glare-Free Various Light Level Luminaire
Flyte Series, Designed for the New Bush International Airport
Standard KPT Multifunctional Luminaire with Decorative Ribs
Legacy Pendant
Brands / Products:
The Environmental Lighting Systems.The Corinthia family of luminaires features a Biax Pendant, a Linear Indirect wall mount series with flat or full return ends and matching Wall Sconces in an assortment of sizes and lamp choices, a Linear Indirect hang mount with either a solid bottom or a down light component, and a Hospital Bed light constructed of extruded aluminum and finished with a solid red 0ak furniture grade facia. The Ellipse is an aluminum luminaire designed to illuminate contempory interiors. It combines soft architectural styling with high-efficiency indirect lighting for a highly stylized look. The Wall Lighting Systems are engineered for high-efficiency and designed to compliment any store, office, or display. the Wall Lighting Systems combine superior engineering with quality design to satisfy your most demanding customers.Ellipse Lighting Systems, Wall Lighting Systems

New Products:
The LADA luminaires are engineered to install quickly and easily and to provide the proper illumination for the life of the building. Typically mounted at eyelevel, the LADA Series provides a high degree of ambient and task lighting. The newly expanded Quasar family combines flexible styling, outstanding performance and high-quality design in each luminaire. The Quasar luminaires are available in 2 distinct body styles – large and small-bodied – in a broad range of lamp sources including HID, Halogen, Compact and Linear Fluorescent.



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