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Master Builders Solutions by BASF Construction Chemicals
889 Valley Park Drive
Shakopee, MN 55379

Tel : 952.496.6000
Fax: 952.496.6062
BASF Master Builders Solutions

BASF, the world’s largest chemical company, creates chemistry for sustainable construction through its recently launched Master Builders Solutions brand. The Master Builders Solutions brand brings all of BASF’s expertise together to create chemical solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures. Master Builders Solutions is built on the experience gained from more than a century in the construction industry.

Product Categories:
03050 Concrete Materials + Methods
03360 Concrete Finishes
03400 Precast Concrete
03600 Grouts
07100 Damp proofing + Waterproofing
07900 Joint Sealants + Caulking
09690 Underlayment
09960 High-Performance + Special Coatings


Green Green Products
MasterSeal Joint Sealants
Master Builders Solutions Wall Coatings
Master Builders Solutions Concrete Repair
MasterSeal NP 150
MasterFlow high performance grouts
Master Builders Solutions Precast Concrete
MasterProtect Water Repellents
Brands / Products:
The portfolio of products and services marketed under the Master Builders Solutions brand includes concrete admixtures, cement additives, chemical solutions for mining and tunneling, waterproofing, concrete protection and repair products, grouts and high-performance flooring products.

New Products:
MasterSeal NP 100 from BASF is a high performance hybrid sealant with excellent movement capability. Its high performance and ease of use make it an ideal joint sealant for both new construction and restoration projects. As part of the Master Builders Solutions brand portfolio, NP 100 is formulated with unique BASF polymers, has tenacious adhesion to a broad range of substrates, excellent weathering performance and is paintable.
MasterFlow® 4316 Precision Machinery Grout MasterFlow 4316 grout from BASF provides high early and ultimate compressive strengths over a wide variety of application and service temperatures. The superior performance of MasterFlow 4316 lies in its novel hydraulic cement binder with applied nanotechnology and premium mineral aggregates which, when mixed with water, produces a flowable and pumpable grout that can be installed in temperatures ranging from 35 to 100 degrees F (2 to 28 degrees C). As part of the Master Builders Solutions brand portfolio, MasterFlow 4316 provides the valued benefits of strength and speed to keep jobs on schedule and reduce shutdown times.

MasterSeal® NP 100 High Performance Hybrid Sealant

Green Statement/Products:
For us, sustainable development means the combination of long-term oriented economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility.
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