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Nu Collection
7924 W. 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Tel : 323.655.5938
Fax: 323.655.5947
Contact: Hassan Majd

Hassan Majd
Guita Majd

NU was founded two years ago by a team of architects/designers with a passion for designing and producing handmade rugs of modern design. The rugs have earned numerous editorial mentions in prestigious designs publications and are prized by collectors of fine modern furnishings, worldwide. In its exclusive partnership with Miri, a 180-year old Iranian concern, NU has brought the excellence of Miri’s rugs to the world of modern design. Miri designs and produces some of the finest Persian rugs in the World. Using vegetable dyes on 100% handspun Zagros wool (the rarest and most precious wool, known for its silky quality and unmatched durability), Miri creates brilliant yarns that age with the grace and beauty that is the hallmark of Persian rugs. The rugs are then woven by master weavers in a brilliant alchemy of color, resulting in masterpieces. Nu’s flat-weave woolen kilim rugs are as extraordinary in design and execution as are our pile rugs.

Product Categories:
12480 Rugs, Area Rugs, Mats + Frames



Showrooms / Distributors:
Please visit our Los Angeles showroom or contact us to learn the name of your nearest sales representative.

Crater, Rug is Art
Kilims: Hand-Woven, Meadow
Lucy, Pile, Hand-Knotted, Rug is Art
Poka, Hand-Pressed Felt Rug
Tulus, Rug is Art, Hand-Knotted
Belkis Belpinar, Empty Sun
Kilims: Hand-Woven Rugs, Kaveer
Carte, Hand-Pressed Felt Rug
Hana, Pile, Hand-Knotted, Rug is Art
Rug is Art, Reflection, Hand-Knotted
Kilims: Hand-Woven Rugs, Chocolate
Adamak, Hand-Knotted, Rug is Art
Brands / Products:
Persian Rugs made with 100% Zagros wool; Flat-Weave Kilim Rugs; Furniture.


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