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QuietRock by PABCO Gypsum
37851 Cherry Street
Newark, CA 94560

Tel : 800.797.8159

PABCO® Gypsum, established in 1972, is a family owned company that produces top-tier gypsum panel products and superior customer service throughout North America. PABCO Gypsum’s complete range of products incorporates numerous proprietary and/or patented sound, fire, water, and mold resistant technologies that promote sustainable and transparent building practices. The company’s primer acoustical products division takes building sciences to the next level through its elite Quiet® product line. Protected by 17 U.S. issued patents & 27 foreign patents, QuietRock® products reduce sound and vibration in a multitude of applications by utilizing modern chemistries, lamination techniques and a Silicon Valley approach to building sciences.

Product Categories:
07900 Joint Sealants + Caulking
09200 Plaster, Stucco, Lath + Gypsum Board
09960 High-Performance + Special Coatings

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
PABCO Gypsum products are sold through participating dealers and distributors Nationwide across two groups. For information on standard interior and exterior products, call 877.449.7786 or visit www.pabcogypsum.com.

For information on QuietRock sound reducing drywall or other Quiet acoustical products, call 800.797.8159 or locate a dealer at www.quietrock.com/dealer-locator

Green Green Products
QuietRock® ES 5/8” type X Sound Reducing Drywall by PABCO Gypsum
FLAME CURB® gypsum panels are ideal for fire-rated interior walls and ceilings
QuietSeal® Pro and QuietPutty® acoustical sealants prevent sound leaks to maximize performance in STC-rated designs
PABCO GLASS® exterior glass-mat sheathing withstands 12 months of weather exposure during construction
The paintable ultra-low VOC QuietCoat® reduces sound and vibration to create quiet spaces
Sound, Fire, and Impact resistant QuietRock® 530 5/8” type X Sound Reducing Drywall
MOLD CURB® Plus 5/8” Type X gypsum panels are ideal for mold/mildew sensitive areas
The STC powerhouse QuietRock 545 sound reducing panels are popular in high-end interior applications
Ultra-light weight PABCO LITECORE® gypsum panels used in non-fire-resistant interior walls and ceilings
Brands / Products:
QuietRock Panels: 510, EZ-SNAP, EZ-SNAP Mold Resistant, 530, 530 RF
Acoustical Sealants: QuietPutty, QuietSeal Pro, QuietSeam RF
Glues & Coatings: QuietCoat, QuietGlue Pro

Green Statement/Products:
PABCO Gypsum is a committed environmental steward by adopting practices throughout its operations to minimize its impact on our environment. This is achieved by reducing and reusing waste, manage water consumption and using alternative energy in its production facility.
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AIA, AWCI, FPI, Gypsum Association, WWCCA

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