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Diva de Provence
885 Don Mills Road
Suite 207
Toronto, ON M3C1V9

Tel : 888.852.8604
Fax: 416.256.7121
Contact: Amir Girgis

Amir Girgis, Managing Director, North America
Vlad Kamikovski, Technical Director, North America

In January 2000, Diva de Provence was launched in North America as the new standard for high-end kitchen appliances. We introduced consumers to the Diva Range available in four models, the Diva 900 (36”), Diva 1200 (48”), Diva 1600 (65”) and the Diva Island. In addition to the ranges, we amazed North Americans with our Diva Rotisserie, a sensory overload of sight and smell, designed for those who truly appreciate the natural way to cook. As time progressed, people realized that the Diva Range was not just another French Range…it was the Custom Range built in France. Designed in the classical French style, these ranges were a blend of European elegance and exceptional performance. With 25% more power than any other pro-style range…the Diva will satisfy your every need whether it’s to complement your beautiful kitchen or allow you to cook like one of the world’s greatest chefs. Of course, they’re predictably expensive but any range that can be customized to your exact specifications is well worth the price.

Product Categories:
11405 Refrigerators + Refrigerated Cases
11425 Kitchen Hood + Ventilation Equipment
11430 Grills, Stoves, Stove Tops + Ranges
11450 Residential Appliances + Equipment
11460 Unit Kitchens + Manufactured Kitchens

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
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Gas Rotisserie 1 Twin-Size Compact Hearth
Diva 1600
Diva 900 in Green, Residentail
Custom Diva
Diva 1600 in Navy
Diva Island in Red
Diva Island in Yellow
Commercial Diva
Commercial Diva Stainless Steel
Diva 1600 Stainless Steel
DIVA Induction Cooktops
DIVA Induction Cooktops
Brands / Products:
Diva 900, Diva 1200, Diva 1600, Diva Island, Custom Diva, Rotisseries, DDP-5, DDP-4 & DDP-2 Induction Cooktops.

Diva Induction Cooktops
Diva Ranges

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