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Viaggio® Manufacturer
4607 Monaco Street
Denver, CO 80216

Tel : 800.522.7336
Fax: 844.308.7892
Contact: Jay O’Neall 303.285.3222

Tim Broderick, President
Jay O’Neall, Vice President

Developed from an evolved, collaborative design and fabrication process, Viaggio Hardware is produced in Europe at the intersection of engineering and artistry. Each piece is made from solid, forged brass, and precision polished for enduring presence.

Five trendsetting finishes and a variety of artful textures can be used individually or paired to create high-contrast or subtle combinations. Viaggio pushes the boundaries of modern hardware appearance.

The Italian word Viaggio translated to English means voyage…travel…journey. Whether your journey is measured in miles or footsteps, it inevitably begins and ends at the doorways of the home. Our intent is to create a journey evocative of wonder and beauty, which, at its essence, is the reason we created Viaggio Hardware.

Product Categories:
08050 Door + Window Materials
08710 Door + Window Hardware

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
Viaggio® Hardware is sold through authorized decorative showrooms and online dealers.
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Quadrato Rosette with Stella Crystal Knob. Finish: Satin Nickel. This unique crystal knob shape can only be found at Viaggio®.
Quadrato Linen Rosette with Moderno Lever. Finish: Bright Chrome. Pairing the intricate texture with glossy smoothness makes for a beautiful juxtaposition.
Quadrato Rosette with Stella Crystal Knob, Quadrato Linen Rosette with Circolo Crystal Knob and deadbolts. Finish: Bright Chrome. Whether placed on doors with dark or light colors, these combinations are truly striking.
Circolo Hammered Rosette with Quadrato Crystal Knob, and Quadrato Linen Rosette with Circolo Crystal Knob. Finish: Bright Chrome. The combination of texture and opposing shapes creates a dramatic statement.
Circolo Rosette with Circolo Knob and matching deadbolt. Finish: Satin Brass. Secure any space with modern design sensibility.
A phenomenal finish duo: Satin Black and Satin Brass. Mixing finishes is definitely allowed.
The glamour of gold and the perfect amount of warmth make Satin Brass a highly sought-after finish. Satin lacquer preserves the look for years to come.
Circolo Hammered Rosette with Circolo Knob. Finish: Satin Black. Here we see the beauty of black is even more pronounced with a nuanced texture.
Quadrato Hammered Rosette with Quadrato Knob. Finish: Satin Black. Bring contrasting hues into focus for a a look with impact.
Five fabulous finishes: Bright Chrome, Satin Black, Satin Brass, Satin Nickel and Titanium Gray.
Quadrato Linen Rosette with Circolo Crystal Knob. Finish: Titanium Gray. Titanium Gray brings an industrial feel, while the linen texture and crystal knob dress up the style factor.
Quadrato Leather Rosette with Contempo Lever. Finish: Satin Nickel. Satin Nickel is brushed to obtain a soft luster, then satin-lacquered for protection. This trendy finish fits well with contemporary style and coordinates with any door color.
Brands / Products:
Viaggio is the newest offering of its parent company Regal Brands. Regal Brands has a rich history of producing high-quality, period-perfect door hardware. Its family of brands represents styles ranging from rustic and primitive, to ornate vintage, to traditional timelessness. With the addition of Viaggio Hardware, the spectrum becomes complete.
Ageless Iron Hardware
Nostalgic Warehouse
Grandeur Hardware


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