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Cresset Chemical Company
One Cresset Center
Weston, OH 43569

Tel : 800.367.2020
Fax: 419.669.2200
Contact: Jim Renda

Mike Baty, President
Jim Renda, VP Sales & Marketing

For over 70 years, Cresset® Chemical Company has been an innovative leader in developing, distributing, and servicing site cast and precast Release Agents, Curing Compounds, Sealers, and other products for the concrete construction industry. At the core of our competency are superior-looking surfaces − but we go beyond the surface to meet the complexity in today’s environmental landscape. Cresset is driven to continually evolve its New Chemistry “Green” array of products to responsibly and safely meet your production, environmental, and OSHA requirements.

Formulated from high grade materials to produce consistent, predictable results − each Cresset product excels in specific applications and comes with a limited warranty. Cresset serves the concrete industry via an integrated distribution network spanning the USA, Canada, and selected locations worldwide.

Product Categories:
03050 Concrete Materials + Methods
03100 ICFs, Concrete Forms, Molds + Accessories
03300 Structural Concrete, Cast in Place
03360 Concrete Finishes
03390 Concrete Curing
03400 Precast Concrete
03410 Precast Structural Concrete
03450 Precast Architectural Concrete

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
If you have any questions or would like to receive additional information about Cresset products and/or locations to buy Cresset products, please contact us.
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Green Green Products
Apple Park Headquarters in Cupertino, CA. The precast concrete elements in this revolutionary design were produced using Cresset’s Crete-Lease 880 VOC-Xtra Form Release Agent.
Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge in Tennessee. Release Agent: Cresset Crete-Lease 880
One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower), New York, NY. Release Agent: Cresset Crete-Lease 880 VOC Xtra
Many high-profile pre-cast bridges use Cresset’s architectural form release agents
Many precast and sitecast concrete sports stadiums including Levi's Stadium in San Francisco and the new Rams/Chargers stadium in Los Angeles are built using Cresset Form Release Agents.
Tens of thousands of precast concrete office buildings, hotels and retail stores around the world were constructed using Cresset form release agents!
Concrete sample using Cresset PLATINUM Release Agent on a plastic mold. PLATINUM is the latest advancement in Cresset’s line of environmentally friendly Architectural Release Agents.
Examples of the perfect concrete surfaces that architects can expect from Cresset’s Crete-Lease line of chemically active architectural form release agents.
All Cresset products are Made In The USA!
Crete-Lease® Bond Breaker-Xtra For Tilt-Up
Crete-Lease Bio-Tru All Xtra Architectural Form Release Agent is certified USDA Bio-Preferred.
In addition to our eco-responsible products, we also offer USDA registered bio-based and bio-preferred products made from domestic sources that helps reduce crude oil imports.
Brands / Products:
Cresset Form Release Agents - Cresset Crete-Lease® Release Agents give you the quickest, most economical way to produce high visual impact concrete and specify the surface you want before you pour.
Cures & Seals - Cresset’s water-based Cure & Seals are solventless, non-toxic, and non-flammable.  
Form Treatments - Cresset’s eco-friendly Spatter-Cote Equipment Treatment provides a protective coating on pumper trucks, screeds and everything else that comes in contact with wet concrete. Just hose off any concrete spatter on the equipment after the job to protect the surface and reduce labor costs.
Form Sprayers - For producing the most economical and best looking concrete surfaces.
Cleaners - PH neutral hand cleaners specially formulated for the concrete industry.
Aerosols - Cresset aerosol products include form release agents, concrete spatter protection, and rust preventatives for steel forms used to make concrete products.
Specify the surface you want

Cresset Form Release Agents
Cures & Seals
Form Treatments

New Products:
Crete-Lease Platinum® is the latest advancement in Cresset’s Crete-Lease line of environmentally friendly Architectural Release Agents. Utilizing proprietary new technology developed by our chemists, Platinum is a synthetic release agent that delivers premium performance and exceeds even the strictest environmental regulations. There is nothing else like it on the market.

Green Statement/Products:
Since 1946, Cresset has lead the industry in the development of eco-responsible, innovative products and services. Our reputation is built on using quality, virgin materials and strict quality controls that produce attractive concrete surfaces and consistent products batch after batch, year after year. In addition to our eco-responsible products, we also offer USDA registered bio-based and bio-preferred products made from domestic sources that helps reduce crude oil imports.

All form release agents are not the same!
Many products on the market include recycled oils and petroleum biproducts with high VOC content that are bad for the environment, deliver inconsistent results and cause discoloration on the concrete surface.
What makes Cresset Release Agents different?
1. Every Cresset form release agent is made from 100% virgin ingredients with exacting formulas for consistent results every time with no staining on the concrete surface.
2. All Cresset Concrete Release Agents are “chemically-active” and formulated to deliver clean, sharp separation at the molecular level. This assures that the design details on the concrete surface will be a true mirror image of the form, form liner or mold with sharp lines and minimal imperfections on the finished concrete. Most form oils are considered “barrier releases” which create separation by putting a soapy film on the form surface. Barrier releases do their job but can create bugholes and result in less well-defined concrete surfaces.
3. Cressets’ form release agents are among the most environmentally-friendly products in the concrete industry. We produce architectural quality release agents for all types of concrete production with very low VOC ratings that comply with all federal, state and local environmental regulations.
4. At Cresset, creating the world’s best chemicals for concrete production is our passion! We provide both onsite and virtual technical support to assure that our products are being applied correctly. This includes complimentary how-to instruction videos to assure the best results.

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