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701 Centennial Rd.
Wayne, NE 68787

Tel : 800.377.3261

Jason Gehling, GM/Vice President
Steve Suhr, Senior Project Manager
Don Maryott, Senior Project Manager

Fyre-Tec is a U.S. manufacturer of Fire-Rated Windows. Fyre-Tec's line of steel window products have been developed and enhanced for over 50 years through innovative design and best practice manufacturing in order to meet the increased demand in the marketplace. What sets us apart is our slimmer frame/sash design which in turn allows for more natural light, various options of Fixed and Operable fire rated windows, competitive lead times and quality manufacturing. All our fire rated products are U.L. classified and listed. Architects, builders and building owners now have the opportunity to design increased floor space and greater revenue into building sites with the use of our U.L. Labeled Fyre-Tec fire rated products, and continue the sight line, color and configuration of window products with our Non-Rated line of window products on the same project. Fyre-Tec is a registered Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) that is operated by local family ownership with daily involvement extending across all parts of the business. Further, ownership is obsessively passionate about continuing the success of providing a premium safety product with unparalleled service to our customers. Our standard will be for a continual dedication to the enhancement and upgrading of existing products and working closely with code officials in the development and testing of new products for Fire Safety and performance ratings to meet and exceed local, national and international codes.

Product Categories:
08500 Windows
08510 Metal Windows + Screens
08580 Storm Windows, Security + Fire Rated
08590 Window Restoration + Replacement
08830 Wind + Impact Resistant Doors & Windows


Forbes Building – Fire-Rated windows installed due to proximity to fire escape.
Woodbury County Courthouse - Installed with Fire-Rated windows in openings along a fire rated corridor.
German Embassy - Installed with Fire-Rated windows in openings along a fire rated corridor.
Amelia Apartments - Vertically hung Fire-Rated windows used due to inadequate building separation.
Cook County Courthouse - Fire-Rated windows used in adjacent opening to fire escape.
Stadium Enclave Apartments - Twin vertically hung Fire-Rated windows along a fire escape.
Rady Children’s Hospital - Fire-Rated transaction windows installed along a fire rated corridor.
Laguna Apartments – Required Fire-Rated windows due to proximity to the fire escape.
Columbus High School – Forced Entry Transaction windows along fire rated corridor.
St. Luke’s Hospital – Transaction window along fire rated corridor.
Townhouse development – Fire-Rated windows required due to inadequate separation between buildings.
Fyre-Tec’s Horizontal Slider – 900 Series
Fyre-Tec’s Vertically Hung Window – 925 Series
Fyre-Tec’s Fixed/Picture Window – 950 Series
Fyre-Tec’s Awning/Projected Window – 975 Series
Fyre-Tec’s Casement Window – 985 Series
Brands / Products:
Technical Glass Products

New Products:
Fire-Rated Security Windows
Fyre-Tec answers the challenges Architects, Engineers and Contractors face with products that meet or exceed building fire code ratings, withstand forced entry from active shooters or intruders, are aesthetically pleasing and blend into the overall design of the building. To show you how well our product line stands up to today’s security threats, we invite you to watch our Forced Entry demonstration on-line @ fyretec.com or Contact Fyre-Tec and let us help you meet today’s safety challenges.


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