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Lab tested. Field proven. Environmentally friendly. When industrial clients have cleaning challenges, these are the reasons they rely on Sentinel. For over 40 years, Sentinel has been the authority in environmentally friendly cleaning solutions based on safe, yet powerful cleaning chemistries. Whether the application has been planes, trains, automobiles or even coal mines, Sentinel’s eco-and user-friendly cleaning solutions have out-performed all others. From the White House to the Mayo Clinic, the Pentagon to the Kennedy Space Center, Sentinel has built a reputation for superior cleaning performance and reliability. It’s this performance and reliability that is the foundation of our line of safe, eco-friendly wallpaper strippers, floor cleaners and adhesive removers.

Product Categories:
02050 Site Materials + Methods
02950 Restoration + Rehabilitation
07050 Thermal + Moisture Protection/Covering
09960 High-Performance + Special Coatings
09990 Paint Restoration


Green Green Products
Sentinel’s 24-7 Coatings with Microban® antimicrobial protection inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold & mildew that cause stains & odors on the dried coating film.
Sentinel’s mastic removers meet CARB and OTC V.O.C. limits when determining VOC requirements in accordance with the requirements set forth by the California Air Resource Board.
Professional-strength restoration products that work without the use of hazardous or dangerous chemicals, including glycol ethers. Our coil cleaners are safe for use on most metals and rubber roofs.
Sentinel’s 24-7 HVAC coating provides antimicrobial protection on the dried coating surface, while reducing the build up of particulates in both lined and unlined HVAC systems.
Sentinel’s Envirotowels meet U.S. EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule (RRP) Part 745 definitions, while our lead-specific 805 Envirowash meets all HUD requirements for lead dust removal and lead abatement.
Sentinel has been developing and manufacturing better solutions for a cleaner environment for over 45 years.
Our mold resistant coatings also meet LEED® IEQ Credit 4.2 low-emission materials
Introducing a complete line of professional-strength, cleaners, odor-control products, and coatings for the restoration industry.
Let our 45 years of experience provide you with better solutions for a cleaner environment.
Brands / Products:
In addition to the Sentinel brand of products, we also work with other industry-leading organizations to develop and manufacture private-label adhesive removers, cleaners and floor care products for regional and national distribution in both commercial and retail markets. Let us know if we can assist you in taking your next product to market.

Green Statement/Products:
We’ve been developing and manufacturing innovative, high-performance products because it’s the right thing to do, not just because it’s fashionable, or part of a business plan. At Sentinel, we think that a greener marketplace is a better marketplace and that’s why we’ve been making “greener” products for 45 years. We believe that not using toxic, heavily-regulated chemicals in the manufacture of our products is not only better for the environment, but better for the consumer as well. Ultimately, isn’t a more effective product a “greener” product, because it gets the job done the first time, requiring less of the product to get better results? If a single product can replace the need for multiple products, is that not truly being more environmentally responsible? We think that it is.
Yellow+Blue = GREEN

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