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Jakob Rope Systems
955 NW 17th Ave
Delray Beach, FL 33445

Tel : 561.330.6502
Fax: 561.330.6508
Contact: Sales + Marketing

Jakob Rope Systems is a market leader in designing and supplying high-quality rope and cable solutions for industrial and construction applications where elegance, simplicity, and excellence are required.
For over a century, Jakob has offered a range of steel rope products in over 55 countries. Our clients return to us again and again seeking a reliable provider of stainless steel wire ropes, rod fasteners, nets, and custom fittings designed and produced to their exact needs. At Jakob, we know that details make the difference. Every product leaving our warehouses undergoes strict testing to ensure it meets AISI 316, ISO, and DIN standards. Our cable railings, wire mesh, wire ropes, and rods have many uses, both indoors and outdoors at different scales. These include sign posts, shelving, trellises on green walls, safety netting, and even zoo enclosures.

Product Categories:
02945 Planting Accessories + Landscape Edging
05150 Wire Rope Assemblies
05521 Cable Railing + Handrail Systems

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
Jakob and our US team can provide cable and wire netting solutions for any commercial application. We take pride in offering custom designs to meet our clients’ needs.
Whether you need an affordable solution or a comprehensive package including structural applications, Jakob USA is ready to help with your project.
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Green Green Products
The Jakob factory, Saigon - Greening Solutions Garden walls. An iconic design reference for sustainable tropical industrial architecture
Monad Terrace, South Beach, Miami - Greening Solutions Garden walls. Products: Wewbnet Wire Mesh Cable ø 2mm Mesh Opening 160mm - Cable ø 8mm and hardware - Cable ø 6mm and hardware
Chapin School, NY - Webnet Safety Spots and fun. Webnet on the rooftop. Products: WEBNET rope ø 2 mm, mesh 80 mm
The Museum of Arts and Design, NY - Balustrading. Floating staircase structure. Products: 6mm Stainless Steel Cable
Hilton Hotel Austin, TX - Webnet Safety. Products: Webnet micro 1.5 mm cable diameter 60 mm diamond opening
Bentley Bay South Beach, Miami - Greening Solutions Garden walls. Products: Webnet Wire Mesh
West Thames Street Pedestrian Bridge, NY - Webnet Balustrading Safety. Products: WEBNET rope 1 mm, mesh 60 mm
The High Line Park, NY - Webnet Balustrading Safety. Products: Webnet, partly coated black, Ø 2.0 mm, mesh 60 mm
Hardberger Park Skywalk, San Antonio, TX - Webnet Balustrading Safety. Products: Transparent and flexible net structures made of Webnet
Public School 165, NY - Webnet Safety Spots and fun. Products: WEBNET rope ø 2 mm, mesh 60 mm
Cornell University - Safety Suspension Cables. Products: WEBNET rope ø 2 mm, mesh 140 mm Stainless steel wire ø 2 mm
La Rioja Technology Centre, Spain - Webnet Greening solutions. Products: Webnet 1.5 mm, mesh 100 mm, 2200 square metres
One Lakeview Vermont - Balustrading. Products: Jakob WEBNET© modular railing systems
ASI Reisen headquarters, Innsbruck, Austria - Webnet Greening solutions. Products: Versatile Webnet varieties
Wildline Bridge, Bad Wildbad, Germany - Webnet Safety Spots and fun. Products: Stainless steel net Webnet
Kelly Slater Surf Ranch, California - Webnet Spots and fun. The best artificial wave pool needs the best Webnet
Brands / Products:
Jakob Rope Systems is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality rope and cable solutions, including eco-friendly options that are ideal for modern green designs. Their wire mesh Webnet is a popular choice among architects and designers for green facade solutions, while their stainless steel cables are often used in projects ranging from cable suspensions and facade greening to balustrade infills, as they require minimal maintenance and retain their appearance for a long time. Jakob Rope Systems' commitment to sustainability is also evident in their product range, which includes a comprehensive selection of hoisting and lifting accessories made with all-stainless-steel components. Overall, Jakob Rope Systems provides elegant and reliable solutions that are versatile, easy to install, and maintain, making them an excellent choice for any modern design project.

Green Statement/Products:
We take environmental responsibility seriously and prioritize efficient energy and resource usage. Our factories feature cutting-edge technologies such as solar power modules and energy-efficient ventilation systems, which are designed to minimize our environmental impact. By using these innovative solutions, we can operate sustainably and contribute to a cleaner and more eco-friendly future.
Green Solutions

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