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Barrett Company
2926 Chester Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114

Tel : 800.647.0100
Fax: 908.647.0278
Contact: Saverio Minucci

With over seventy years of diverse waterproofing and roofing applications Barrett has acquired and developed a realm of experience that is unique and unequaled by other manufacturers. Barrett's understanding and acquired knowledge of roofing basics from practical “hands-on” experience and material engineering concepts is applied to each project. Service with expertise is the hallmark of every Barrett warranted project.

Product Categories:
07100 Damp proofing + Waterproofing
07200 Thermal Insulation + Protection
07220 Roof Insulation + Deck Insulation
07500 Membrane Roofing, Decking + Built-up
07540 Thermo Plastic Membrane Roofing
07555 Green Roofing + Wall Systems
07560 Fluid-Applied Roofing
07590 Roof Maintenance + Repairs


MarketNorth America

Showrooms / Distributors:
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Green Green Products
Brands / Products:
Barrett Company offers customers a wide variety of roofing and waterproofing systems to fit their specific needs. Whether the latest Green Roof system or our high tech Ram-Tough rubberized waterproofing, the completed project will remain watertight for decades to come.
Fluid Applied Roofing + Waterproofing
Elastomeric Built-Up Roofing
Cold Process Built-Up Roofing

New Products:
EcoCline® Exceptional Lightweight Stormwater Retention Vegetative Roofs
Barrett + LiveRoof® – Hybrid Modular Green Roof Systems


Green Statement/Products:
On a macro and micro scale, greenroofs reduce "greenhouse gas emissions", have an impact on humidity, air quality and reflect heat from rooftops keeping interiors cooler and reducing A.C. energy and expense. In conjunction with other green installations, greenroofs can play a role in altering the climate and even the weather of a city as a whole. Greenroofs also remove heavy metal particulate materials from rainwater and dramatically reduce runoff and decrease the need to expand related wastewater infrastructure. Greenroofs reduce exterior noise pollution, often by 40 to 50 decibels. Tax credits for greenroofs are available in many urban jurisdictions including New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Portland, Maryland, Seattle and others.
Environmental Impact Statement
Greenroof Guidelines

About Barrett
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Black Pearl® Waterproofing Systems
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New Construction Roofing Guidelines
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Plaza Deck Guidelines

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