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3450 Sabin Brown Rd.
Wickenburg, AZ 85390

Tel : 928.684.2813
Contact: Mel Kientz

Today, in addition to its public telephone product line, Benner-Nawman, Inc. has expanded its fabricating capabilities and now makes large sound attenuated enclosures for standby generators. These generator enclosures along with the U.L. listed fuel tanks have become an important addition to the company's product line. Other major product lines include specialty hand tools for the telecommunications and electrical industry, pre-wire service boxes for housing telephone protectors and cable TV connections, portable rebar cutters and benders for the construction industry and office modular furniture products. Since 1925, our corporate outlook remains the same.

Product Categories:
01540 Construction Tools. Machinery + Equipment

The DCC-1618 cordless rebar cutter will safely and cleanly cut rebar up to 5/8”diameter grade 60.
The DC-20WH portable heavy-duty rebar cutter will safely, efficiently, and cleanly cut rebar up to #6 (3/4”) diameter grade 60.
The HB-16W portable heavy-duty electric/hydraulic rebar bender helps save valuable man-hours by bending rebar up to 5/8” (#5) grade 60 from 0-135 degrees in-place at the job site.
The DBR-25WH is a portable heavy-duty electric/hydraulic rebar bender and straightener.
The DBD-16X heavy-duty portable rebar bender helps save valuable man-hours by bending rebar up to #5 (5/8”) grade 60 at the job site or in your shop.
The DBD-32X is a heavy-duty portable table-type bender. This unit is the largest 115 volt portable rebar bender available.
The HTBC-16CU combination bender and cutter are rated for 5/8” grade 60 rebar. Quickly and safely bend rebar from 0 to 180 degrees.
The DBC-20X combination bender and cutter is rated for 3/4” grade 60 rebar. This ultimate combination unit combines the very popular DC-20WH rebar cutter and the DBD-20X rebar bender together on a heavy-duty powder-coated skidded housing.
The CWS-2025 Workstation is the perfect height for increasing your rebar cutting production. It’s designed to securely hold the DIAMOND model DC-20WH or DC-25X rebar cutter.
The BWS-25X and BWS-32X Workstations are the perfect height for increasing your rebar bending production.
The TUBC-25X simply combines the very reliable DBD-25X rebar bender and the DC-25X rebar cutter.
The BNT-64 Rebar Tying Tool is built reduce tying time needed for securing rebars together while doing form work.

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